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Some call it insane, but that's exactly what Om Swami did. Eighteen months earlier, in 2010, he had left all his material wealth behind to discover the inner treasure. He was a multimillionaire but luxuries and comforts did not pacify the one question that haunted him and all of us from time to time, "What is my truth?"

Quietly, he left everything and everyone he had known in search of his truth. After spending five months at his guru's ashram, he made way to the Himalayas where he pursued intense meditation in terrifying solitude for thirteen months. And when he returned, his quiet manner was only magnified by the inner glow of love and truth.

our founder, Om Swami

It all started with one blog post back in 2011...

In late 2011, he started sharing his writings on this platform, which at the time used to be his personal blog. At first, he used to write every week but since July 2016, Om Swami has been writing every first and third Saturday of the month.

"We need a place on the internet," he said, "which is positive, spiritual, and free from judgments and trolls. I believe in the power of the collective consciousness, in the wisdom of the universe. So, I would like to open up this platform for others to share their truth. The world could do with some love and compassion."

And so in 2019, we transformed into a membership based platform called os.me. The idea was that anyone could become a free member but only those who were premium members could comment and engage in discussions. The idea has a lot of merit. It's only because of this approach that we have an incredibly loving and kind community.

In 2020, after seeing how unconditionally love and kindness flew in truthful conversations, os.me was opened up to all our members. Anyone, free or a premium member, can share their truth and learnings on this platform and the whole community welcomes you with open arms.

our mission

To be the Kindest and most truthful corner on the internet

this is where love and compassion flows freely, unreasonably.

our history

Love and kindness continue to flow...

The os.me Karma program is launched whereby members can earn based on their contributions to the community (both free and premium members).

The platform is opened to the world where anyone can come and share their truth.



Free hotline is launched to further the vision of love and kindness.

The site is transformed into os.me and for the first time comments are enabled so our readers may participate in kind discussions.


The first post is shared retrospectively that was sent to a close group of people in June 2011.


The schedule of wisdom post changes to the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Sunshine or rain, Om Swami has never skipped it.

Om Swami starts this blog in Nov 2011


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Self-Help is good. But helping each other is better.

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If I could choose to be anywhere else in the world at this moment, I'd go to Om Swami. To have access to a being like Him through Os.me is like Moses coming down from the mountain to tell you what's-what every two weeks! His wisdom in today's language is so easy to understand and utterly flawless! Every word He speaks is only-other-focused! More than that, OS.me is the safest place on the internet. As I've continued reading, writing, and spending my precious time on the platform, the outpouring of love I've felt from the community is unlike anything I've ever experienced elsewhere. The whole place is full of loving people! Om Swami and His team have created something genuinely unique for the spiritual seeker of any faith! Os.me is apparently what happens when enlightenment meets technology!

Komal R

London, UK

If you remember the magic eight balls that you shake up and it gives you an answer to your posed question - that is how the os.me blog is for me. Whatever I may be struggling with, be it anxiety, stress, self-doubt, or questions about how to meditate; without fail I find inspiration, guidance, and support through the os.me platform. It has become a trusted companion to me on my path to becoming a better person.

Zack B

California, USA

Since my first post in May 2020, the os.me community has been so kind, loving and encouraging. I've been unleashing my potential like never before and my life has changed forever. It gives me sheer joy to share my learnings on this truthful platform. e all grow spiritually through wisdom, kindness, care and providing a sense of belonging –values which Om Swami lives by. As for me, social media and boredom are things of the past. Os.me is my home.

London, UK

What a sweet, loving community! After my first post, I had a lot of anxiety about opening the many replies. I was worried that someone would say something negative, because I am so used to seeing that scenario on “regular” internet sites. After reading one lovely response after another, I realized that I was experiencing a whole, new way of communicating! I am so excited to read all of the enticing stories and to also continue sharing my thoughts.

Jody C

Orlando, USA

John C

Costa Rica

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