The World is Our Mirror

We can improve through criticism. I do try, because sometimes the world is our mirror.

Why Do Others Love Us?

How I understood the conditional nature of the world

The Social Media Spiral

An insight on how social media taken over our lives 'unknowingly'

Seeing Into Wellbeing

Clarifying misconceptions about glasses and their impact on a child's mental and emotional wellbeing.

Loving Yourself

Journey towards Self-Love: Practical tips which worked for me.

Why Do We Smile at Others?

I figured that there is more to a smile than meets the eye.


Flowing effortlessly with Nature- My understanding in practice


When Google had no answer to my question

Five Rules for Nobody

Self-reminders to remain a happy speck of dust.

Showing gratitude to our Guru.

Living by His teachings is the greatest form of gratitude we can offer.

From Mindy to Mindless

The unnecessary use of labels and how I overcame it.

Why so serious?

Take it easy. Laugh at yourself. It's therapeutic.

I Only Exist Right Now

Any idea of ourselves is in the past or the future. None of which exists.

Do you enjoy Misery? I did, then I Changed!

I changed from being a victim to victor, overcoming hurdles in the journey of self-transformation

The Beauty of Impermanence

Sometimes the greatest permanence is in accepting impermanence