How about a Scripture Reading Club, where we study a scripture as a group?



Building further on the idea shared by @sandeep-gmail

How about a Scripture Study Circle, where we study scripture as a group?

Idea is to pick up a scripture or spiritual book - any of the major Upanishads,  Geeta,  Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, or Om Swami ji's book.  I know it is a broad list.

We can do weekly online meetings.  Then we decide up to which section we will read through self-study, and then have a discussion.  

We can invite guest speakers also to speak with us to clarify.
Closing the post & we have a group for all those interested in WhatsApp to plan and take this forward  
Follow this link to join Scripture Study Circle WhatsApp group:

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Great idea  Ravi ji 🙏  Infact I have earlier experience of scripture reading through whatsapp group by Swati. It was such an awesome experience! She expounded on Geeta & I felt so...happy to read and understand through her.  Will love to be part of such group ,as such I do not get to read much because of my work timings. 


Thanks all for your interest. 

Follow this link to join Scripture Reading WhatsApp group:

We can discuss which scripture/book to pick up, and take from there. 


Lovely idea I am in it


Excellent idea. I am in. 


What an Idea, Sirji !


Jai Shri Hari! 

Great idea! I will love to join this club. 



Lovely idea...please do share if you are initiating such a group, i would like to participate at beginners level.


Wonderful idea Ravi ji. I would love to participate. Please do let me know if you'd like to brainstorm on this. Looking forward 🙂 


Thank for this idea Ravi ji! I am looking forward to it. May be we all can connect online once to share ideas to make it happen and start. 🙂 


Yes, please! This sounds like fun. Although I don't have much knowledge to impart but I would love to learn from others.


Lovely idea. Timings might be an issue for me but will definitely try to join in 😊👍


Good idea Ravi ji... I would love to join in... 🙏


What a wonderful idea. Would be glad to be a part of it. 🙏🏽 
I can be reached at


Excellent idea Ravi Ji. Count me in 😀

I can be reached at - 

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