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oṃ śrī bhagavatyai namaḥ

Sometime ago, I had this thought in my mind to start a digital library or say wish to have a digital library @os.me so that any book/shaastra a seeker is looking for could be found here only & don't have to look here & there for his piece of truth, idk how it came to my mind maybe cauz i discovered swamiji through books only & most of my spiritual experiences are a result of spending time with some great books. 

So here as suggested by support staff of os.me, I am starting this thread 

Os.Lib : The place for the literature of sadhana & tantra. 

Before I share here are some rules to keep it a bit more structure, I hope you all don't mind. 

1). A minimum & maximum of 5 books will be shared. 

2).  I will be sharing books every week. 

3). You can request for books you are looking for or willing to share, it will be open for all the members. 

4) . No eBook of Swamiji will be shared here or any request regarding his publication will be entertained. [A personal rule]

5). All books can be shared through your G drive. 

6). Please be kind 🙂 

I hope this library grows & literature regarding tantra & sadhana could be preserved & shared. 

||Sri Matre Namah||

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Dear Sahil - Thank you for this wonderful initiative & your desire to share. We have a request to extend rule 4 to all the authors. Copyright is the only protection for authors to ensure that they can earn out of their hard work and it's illegal (and also unethical IMHO) to share copyrighted material.

4) . No eBook of Swamiji will be shared here or any request regarding his publication will be entertained. [A personal rule]

As long as the material being shared is made freely available by the author or if the author has consented to share on os.me, please feel free to distribute any such material through os.me.

I would request removing below 4 books as they all have copyrights. Kindly remove by editing your post. Instead you can add Amazon or any other links from where members can make the purchase.

=== Edited ====

Thank you Dear Sahil for removing the links. Editing this post to remove quoted links.

os.me Team 
Live. Love. Laugh. Give.


The very first share : 

All the 5 books are related to tantra & I hope it will help you in your journey, in your sadhana. 

1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BVNYcUPzNMCAfC7G__ynzQHvN4xReGAs/view?usp=drivesdk

|Sri Matre Namah|


I've been longing for an os.me library myself for months!

Thank goodness I found you here Sahil Ji. Cheers to Q&A ! 🙂

I sincerely want Os.Lib to become a serious corner on Os.Me - specially for the books curated by Ashram's library and Swami Ji himself.

Why curation? for example - which version of Bhagavata Purana to read in Hindi, and which Gita in English is the right translation, or even which Mantra book to avoid out there.

Another idea to contribute to it until a formal Os.Lib Alpha or Beta version is released 🙂 -

  • A Kindle account can be accessed from 6 Kindle devices at the most.
  • We can have multiple, library specific, Kindle accounts or subscriptions here.
  • A willing reader/ or a library member - can access the account for a book for a limited amount of time through an account. The limitation of number of kindle devices per account will help here.
  • Many to one model for managing books and accounts - A certain number of books on one account. And multiple accounts to manage the whole library, to increase the range of Kindle devices/readers.
  • The subscriptions and purchase of books can be run through donations or sponsors through a central and transparent donation pot. Some subscribers are Sadhakas here can have the opportunity to donate as "Sadhaka Bhojan" (A Yogi's Food), or "Gyan Daan" (Knowledge Donation)

Let me know, if you want to make it a formal thing somehow and I can help with the efforts. Gmail ID - vartika.nitt@gmail.com


A good start Sahilji. Thank you 

Jai Shri Hari🙏


Thanks for the initiative. Har Har Mahadev  !!


Thank you so so much ....it's like blessing for people like me who are always look out for reading of scriptures


My heart fills with gratitude to see the goodness shared by my os.me family 🙏🙏🌺🌺


A very good initiative. Thanks


This is great.

Thank You So Much



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