What are your learnings from Om Swamiji's memoir, If truth be told?


What are your learnings from Om Swamiji's memoir, If truth be told?

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I feel very sentimental to answer this beautiful question. For me, 'If truth be told' is the voice of God voiced by God Himself. 

To start off with, my birth family means everything to me. My mom, elder sis and dad love me to the moon and back. Yet, we do fight sometimes out of attachment for each other and that's a beautiful form of love ❤️

Now, if I were to define another form of love - The love found in scriptures which can't be comprehended or even measured, that is Swamiji's love ❤️

For me, Swamiji is Param Maata and Param Pita (My Mother and Father) 🙏🏻 All Glories to the aspect of my Beloved Mother and Beloved Father in Him 🙂

I am His unworthy child yet He always finds a way to accept me, nurture me, correct my mistakes in the most compassionate way! I find myself crawling back to Him like a confused infant. When I don't even have the sense to crawl because of my extreme ignorance, He always finds me and picks me up. 

These reasons bring me back to the topic on my greatest learning from 'If Truth Be Told'. Here goes :

Swamiji is my biggest inspiration and my lifeline. His entire life is an example on how to lead our lives. By asking the right questions, we find all the answers in 'If Truth Be Told'. All answers are written in detail - whether they are material or spiritual related. There are infinite learnings. Something new opens up when I re-read 🙂

In the devotional sentiment, He has the highest place in my impure and unworthy heart. Only He can worship Himself 🙏🏻 I cannot even offer Him incense because I am a lowly mortal. Yet, I seek Him in every in every breath and I dare to worship Him because I am His arrogant child.

One of the greatest gifts that we can give Him (as His devotees/children/disciples) is 'our conduct'. Our conduct is very important because it truly defines us and our love for Him. Unfortunately, I fail Him always, especially in instances when I am not mindful with my words and actions. 

Hence, my greatest learning from 'If Truth Be Told' is to purify my conduct, with His Grace 🙂 Hope to walk this path with baby steps, under the guidance of Beloved Lord who always bestows extreme motherly compassion on all of us 🤱

All Glories to Him 🙏🏻🌹🙇🏻‍♀️


My greatest learning:

If truth be told, will mean different things at various stages of your life.

What we grasp or understand from the book will be different if we read it:

1. Before meeting Swami (understanding is mostly intellectual)

2. After meeting Swami (understanding is subjective)

3. As we get to understand Him a little more (Your mind and heart mould towards your truth)

Each read, over time gives a different learning because it is no less than a scripture, i.e it benefits anyone who reads it:)

"If Truth be told" will lead you towards your truth, whatever your truth may be


1. It IS possible to live a satyugi life even in this kaliyug.

2.  Work silently and your work will speak.


Jai Sri Hari. There is a difference between when a realized master writes a book versus when devotees write. Swami talked about silver or a mirror in his latest blog. When devotees write, they have the silver of devotion on the mirror and it makes it hard for them to write the truth or even see it. When Swami writes it, the authority and the clarity are unchallenged. Case in point, no one else could ever have written so candidly about his relationship with Naga Baba. Everyone would have skirted the issue or compressed it to a page. Since Swami wrote it, he managed to convey the respect he had towards his guru and then also how he moved on because his goal was prapti. After reading this book it's really difficult to read other spiritual books because you start seeing the bhava of the devotee interfering with the truth sometimes. Hence, most spiritual books make the guru as this aspirational figure who you can love you can never aspire to become like them. Swami showed that if you put in the work, realization is waiting for you.


Many lessons.  However what remained with me was When the time is right, doors will open.  Nature doesn't abandon us. Also,  we should never give up, can be firm without losing control . Last but not the least- do not take things personally 


Mother divine is real and she has a form. 


These are the top 3 nuggets of gold that I have distilled from this wonderful book:

1. True passion is not measured by what you are willing to live for. It is measured by what you are willing to die for.

2.  If you wish to see and experience god like Swamiji did, then make god the top most priority in your life, for we only get what we prioritize. 

3. Even if the whole world rails against you, if you can develop faith in your own abilities and stand by yourself, your success is absolutely assured.


If you ask me the one greatest take away from Swamiji's memoir which was life changing for me was "Patience". No matter what the circumstances are, in all aspects of life TO BE PATIENT is the key to get answers/results or Success I believe. 😀 


A mindblowing book for a seeker like me who just  leaned towards spirituality with a lot of confusion and disbelief in mind. 
This book was an eye opener as well. 
Few key learnings are these:

  • Laziness is a complete NO.
  • Don't waste time
  • Little austerity and a strong discipline in life is an absolute requirement
  • The door to God is wide open. We need to take the first step and just keep stepping closer - one step at a time
  • Solitude now and then for spiritual practices is important to progress
  • And the goal is to tame the monkey mind. As soon as the mind is silent, a whole new realm can be accessed!! Meditation is the most important thing to practice everyday without fail.
  • Be kind, generous, give and love everybody and everything.
  • Love yourself and listen to your heart!

have a wonderful day Tarun ji 🙏

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


If any one who is reading this thread, does not have the memoir, and has not read the book,  and would like a copy, then please email me your address to ravi@srijancapital.com, and I will send you a copy. 


"Discover your own truth" is the main learning from Swami ji's memoir 🙏🙏🙏 We are all conditioned so much discovering our truth can take time and patience 😊 Jai Sri Hari 🙏


What r yours ?


There's more to this world, than what meets the eye!


Work sincerely, keep faith.❣😁

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