Which is your favourite book authored by Om Swamiji?


Jai Shri Hari!

Which is your favorite book authored by Om Swamiji? And why do you like it?

Mine is ‘The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages’ as I own a signed copy of this book. 🙂 Secondly this book is not just about reading rather it is about practicing and awakening of the mantras.

Thank you

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My all-time favorite is his memoir - If Truth Be Told.

That book gave me hope that even a person like me can dream of walking the spiritual path. No matter how many great books Swami writes, his memoir will always be super special for me.

Besides, I got to see his joy when Harper Collins accepted that book (which happened when he visited my home). 😊


The Last Gambit!! I loved reading that book written by Swami Ji.


This is really a tough one to pick only one. 
The answer varies on the mood/phase I am in.   

Most days, I like The Book of Faith, or If truth be told.

Then few days, The Children of Tomorrow: A monk's guide to Mindful parenting


Swamiji's memoir is 'The Best'.It's equivalent to any Holy scripture that I have come to know.It is my doorway to Narnia..a magic portal that has lead me to my source...


The Book of Kindness really moved me!


I  own a signed copy of a million thoughts. I like his book on parenting and kundalini the most 


All of them! since every book carries a deep meaning and every time I read them, I learn something new 

For quick inspiration I like reading -  A Fistful of Wisdom


I too like " the ancient science of mantras " but " Truth be told" is my absolute favourite. I have a signed copy of a fistful of wisdom.


The Last Gambit !!!, even my youngest son read it (when he was in class 5)


If Truth Be Told

Swami As we known Him

Book Of Faith

Ancient Science of Mantras


Swamiji’s memoir along with’The Ancient Science of Mantras’! 🙏


All of them. That said, If Truth Be Told holds a special place in my heart.


'If truth be told' is and will remain my favourite book, because it chose me 😊 and Swamiji came into my life, and no looking back since then for me🤗


I love the "Kundalini, an Untold Story" the most.

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