Has this ever happened to anyone?


Hello everyone!
I have been dealing with some hurdles on the path recently. Somehow, 2 halves of my mind are at conflict. One half pulling me towards the spiritual truth that I've seeked for close to a year now with meditation, other half being the material world, with all its glories and illusions. This conflict creates unnecessary negativity in me. Physically, its akin to being punched in your stomach (lightly of course). Mentally, its always like a conflict within two selves. 
Has anyone experienced this? How to come out of this? I will continue down the path of meditation no matter what, and I firmly believe I will get my answers one day, maybe in the next life. But just want to know if I'm alone in feeling this way. Thank you.

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I think it’s quite a common dilemma. As Om Swami has said numerous times, the issue is that as humans we keep separating material life from spiritual life. They are not really separate.

The idea is to carry on with your material pursuits with detachment while at the same time leading a spiritual life. A spiritual life simply means being kind, compassionate, loving and also thinking of others too instead of just ‘me, myself and I’.

I personally don’t think that meditation alone or seeking God is what a spiritual life is. Spirituality should spill into all aspects of our lives i.e. material, relationships and everything else.

Bottom line: Take it easy, go for your material pursuits and keep practicing virtues.


Nihar, Im sure you are well acquainted with the existence of the Earths gravitational force. I am almost certain that none of us on a day to day basis stop for even a second to acknowledge the existence of the force of gravity or give our attention it, and really reflect on the gravitational pull acting upon us, keeping us rooted to the Earth. For the majority of us gravity is barely an afterthought, just another mundane fact of life. We are mostly preoccupied with other things in our daily lives. Do you know who feels the Earths gravitational force powerfully, like every passing second? It would be those people who are inside a rocket ship trying to reach outer space. The last few moments just prior to breaking free of the Earths gravitational force is when you feel its immense awe-inspiring presence so powerfully! Similarly, in the spiritual path a vast majority of humans barely feel the pull of Maya because they are completely immersed in it and they are in a state of deep spiritual sleep so to speak. However, when you begin to awaken spiritually thats when you begin to notice the tug of war between the two forces: the force of Maya which tries to keep you attention on the world and the force of awakening which aims to help you break free of the pull of Maya

So in your case, the fact that you are experiencing this tug of war between the two forces is a good sign that you are awakening to your essential reality. Once the awakening process has started, it will ultimately lead you to your freedom. It is not a question of If, its only a question of When it happens. Dont worry, I would say you are heading in the right direction. As you start to incorporate some Sadhanas and practices into your life, it will further strengthen the force of awakening further.


Mind oh mind ! You are dwelling too much into future,breath in the very present . let there be balance let there be peace and one fine day there will be no mind only silence and peace .be in complete surrender and detachment like our sri hari . experience everything material but dont get consumed by anything moderation is the key .


Hey buddy...

I have been there too and I missed something very precious to me but I can tell you that suggestion from others are just words or sentences to your mind... allow yourself to get the clarity from within and this comes from Surrendering to God and chanting his name... 

And when you know it, you just know it... time is the key here


You are not alone..... Me to waiting for next life to get answers! 


The mind is only here to make trouble for you, that's all. The idea is to stop thinking completely. You are not what you seem to be. If you do not allow the mind to make trouble for you, it disappears! By not reacting to your thoughts, by not allowing them to feel anything. Where do these thoughts come from ? Nowhere it's like water in the Mirage...


Everything in this world is made from soil . I mean like iron we have from deep mine of earth and crops also grow from earth. You are atma,  this earth is not for you .this is a exercise centre for you to make yourself better. Always say , You are atma and you are immortal , this feeling is the only way to get rid out of this situation.  Thank you.


What do you want to do right now? At this moment? What are you ready to let go of and what you wanna embrace? 

Both material as well as spirituality is important for normal people like us, the question is, how do you wanna balance it? 


I had asked a similar question to Sadhvi Nishtha Om Maa and she gave a beautifully detailed answer that helped me get out of this dilemma. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find that particular section where that answer is, but I'd recommend you to seek guidance from Maa. She is a beautiful soul and will definitely help you with an answer that will solve all your questions.


Pray to God........He will clarify....through the intuition......

Whenever any dilemma or confusion arises , I  pray to God intensely...I get the solution through intuition....


Simple, think spirituality in material things.

Eg : if doing business, be honest in paying tax, salary, treat subordinates respectfully, no bribes

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