How not to let negativity affect you, when you're surrounded by it?


How not to let negativity affect you, when you're surrounded by it?

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Hi Tarun,

There are many ways one can approach this question and similarly there are many different solutions depending on your view of life and your personal philosophy. First, negativity can mean many things to many people, its a very broad term. So from the way you phrased your question, I am assuming that you are dealing with challenges where people with a pessimistic mindset are more of a presence around you? Or your life situation at the moment is a source of emotional pain in some way or form.

Regardless, I will break down some approaches. Im breaking it down this way simply because I do not want to assume anything so I wish to be as broad as possible in my answer to you.

If you are a person of faith and believe in the power of prayers and mantras:

1. You can invoke your guru mantra or the mantra of your Isht with the Sankalpa that you wish for the mantra to protect you from negativity

2. You can also chant the Gayatri Mantra for the same end

3. You may wear a consecrated Rudraksha bead from a trusted temple or a genuine guru

4. Ok this may seem off but try it, hold a lemon in you right hand and invoke your guru or your isht by a prayer or mantra at the break of dawn and keep that lemon with you. Thats protection enough. You will intuitively know when the time is right to abandon it. Similarly keep a bowl of lemons in your home and If there is real negative energy in your home, the lemons will become blackish and have fungus like within 48hrs. Thats a sign that they have absorbed the negativity which would have otherwise affected you. Again, dont take my word..just experiment with it and see if it is true in your experience. 

If you are not a person of faith:

The goal here is to empower you own mind such that whatever may be in your environment (external or internal), will not have the same hold on you as times goes by.

1. Remind yourself that it is your mind and your mind alone that perceives a given situation as negative or positive. Situations are by themselves essentially neutral but for the interpretation of the mind. Once you see this, it is also possible to empower the mind to alter its stance. You can take advantage of the phenomena of affirmations. The one affirmation that always helped me in the past when dealing with uncomfortable situations were " No matter what...This too will pass " 

2.  Rather than dismissing the uncomfortable situation, become curious and open. Reflect on it a bit to see whether you can learn something from that situation you are in. Sometimes seemingly negative events and situations are sometimes a real blessing in disguise, if you become curious and suspend judgement.

3. Take the attitude " Whatever comes of itself, let it come" dont fight it or try and control it. Just allow the situation to be by being open in your mind and soon enough the situation will transform itself (jus try it).

Hope this is of help to you. Everything I have said above comes from a place where I wish for you to be happy and free of whatever is bothering you at the moment. So wishing you lots of joy friend 🙂 and hope you feel better.  


Hi Tarun,

Although it's not easy, it's also not impossible. There are a few ways:

1. Try to create a mental distance between the negativity and yourself.

2. Try to contemplate and ask yourself why the negativity is affecting you. I don't know your situation. I am giving a random example, I came across in the past e.g. if it is about someone around you being negative about you e.g. why are you this way? Couldn't you do this or that?

Then ask yourself why their words or negativity is affecting you. Realise that it is just their opinion and you don't have to believe it. Is what they are saying true and is that why it bothers us? Then we can have self-compassion and patiently work on ourselves.

3. If you can move away physically from the negativity, please do.

4. Om Swami says prayer gives us strength, and it does. Pray to have the strength and wisdom to not let the negativity affect you.

5. In a discourse Om Swami also said that when He was little He would imagine a shield around Him (His soul) and when people would say negative things or anything unpleasant, He would imagine those hitting the shield and staying away from Him. Then after they are done, He would (mentally) pick those unpleasant words up and throw them away.

6. Remember that anything at all, negativity or opinions of others, are just thoughts, they only have as much value as we place on them:)

Take it easy, walk your path and you do you!😀

Good luck!


Hi Tarun, great question! Here's the thing – it's really tough to escape negativity when you are surrounded by it. Yes, depressing books and movies are absolutely fantastic heart-wrenchers, but they send you into a spell of negativity. Avoid negativity as much as possible.

Of course, there are plenty of situations where you don't have much of an escape route. There, it's best to remember your favorite role model (e.g. Swamiji, Buddha, Ram, or Christ). Ask yourself "What would [role model] do here?" The momentary pause will help you collect yourself.

Hope this helps.


Jai Sri Hari 🙏

First of all understand its source, when one understands what is the root of this outcome. Then you will better able to understand how to build a mechanism to get out of it. Not to forget deep faith and grace of Bhagwan can do miracles when dealing with negativity, pray to Bhagwan and also seek forgiveness for wrongs done by you. Because accepting what wrong is done opens the door for positivity to enter our heart. To deal with negativity is step by step process and deal each aspect with warmth and understanding towards oneself. 

And not to panic as it takes time to fully finds oneself out of it. Certainly, its paramount to create boundaries with other beings and as well as with some actions of oneself that brings unhappiness with it. Befriend with your mind and train it on daily basis and never to lash on oneself because this body is temple of divine where God resides. Try to please oneself with things you love. Explore nature and spend sometime just with mother nature, its serenity will just heal like anything. Listen divine music. Make conscious choice that are positive because it needs lot of effort really hard to choose goodness over not so good.

So enjoy your time on planet earth 🌎

Seek God Seek Guru Bhagwan, he alone is store house of energy. Nothing transforms without Guru's grace🙏


Intuitively, I feel like by negativity, you mean negative thoughts, behaviour, habits, people, etc. To get past genuine negative energy, which can be true, you have to do sadhana, or grace. But if it's about thoughts, people, behaviour, etc then most of the time it's not absolutely negative. It's more of a mind play. What doesn't aligns with our goals, our priorities, we label it as bad or negative, so negativity can mean different things to different people.

Just watch, become a witness, that's the solution. Sounds simple, but after lot of struggle with my negativity, this is simple truth I found. If you want to rise above negativity, you have to rise above positivity also, if one remains, other will also be around, hiding somewhere. For example, if you rise above praise, then insult can no longer affect you. 

Seen Mahadev, Shiva? Worshipped by Devas (positivity) and Asuras (negativity) both. There are so many inauspicious signs around him, snake, poison, his ganas, skulls, what not. But still he is called Shiva- The auspicious one. How does he remain unaffected? This is symbolic. Become a witness, a yogi, established in yourself, just watch that what you think is negativity without judging. Don't cling, don't escape. They are just clouds my friend. Many things I was first afraid of as negativity has now lost much of it's strength, what I earlier used to see as negativity, now seems childish things, like clouds, smoke, you can't fight cloud/smoke with sword.

Try to be witness, most of negativity will fall off, you will bloom just like a lotus, which blooms in mud, without getting stained by it.

Hope this helps 🙏


its very hard not to let you be affected by negativity when you are surrounded by it, it takes extreme patience, can you be calm when someone scolds u for no reason? can you be peace when all your family members are angry all the time? self control, patience and forgiveness if you have these qualities within you , you are not affected by the negativity around you


By being more mindfulness.


Negative people are usually in great pain- emotionally and spiritually i mean. When i am in their presence i remind myself of that. So i cannot be influenced by their behavior and/or energy. To help them i send them blessings or i chant the Gayatri Manra for them or the ho'oponopono prayer. It goes like this: you say in your mind/heart these words and you direct them the person in question. “I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.” I hope this helps you in some way. ✌🏽


Its tough and easier said than done..what has helped me is falling back on the Divine and Swamiji whenever i face such situations..and negative situations come in plenty..i try besr to forgive and let go..bowling instrad to the Divine that rests within them..miracles happen after that..

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