Jai sri hari If you are given an opportunity to relive one of the moments of your life


Jai sri hari

If you are given an opportunity to relive one of the moments of your life then which one will you choose and why ?

Thank you 

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Jai Shri Hari,

Actually you asked one but If I am allowed then I want to tell two :

1. When I first time visited Badrinath Ji and next day in the early morning when my mother told me that see Deepak (I was sleeping) and when I went outside of my room there I saw sun was shining on the mountains behind temple and it was so so beautiful to see. The rising sun on mountains is a beauty to experience, There is nothing comparable to it.

2. When I first time watched Harry Potter Movie Series.


When i met Swamiji for the first time. My most treasured and meaningful moment 💓


Jab Mai apne Swami Ko dekh Raha hu. 🌸🌸🌸


When I met swamiji for the third time in the youth transformation camp-II 2019


When I was chucked out of the Sri Badrika Ashram,on my first ever visit to the ashram, for my unsolicited entry into the Garbha Griha, at around 4 - 5 AM, on March 9 this year 😎 Thug Life!

I am 33! And yet I did it!  Krittika here (above who wrote about Her first meeting with Swamiji) had even once appreciated my comment on Swamiji's "Lies" post, for the comment being insightful to her.

My 'first ever' meeting with Swami ji on March 18th, Holi, was cancelled. He instead, in the satsang just before the meeting, went on to narrate my adventure, in public as a "Don't do it again" lesson.

The lesson delivery was a bit aggressive and strict in its delivery. I didn't expect Swami ji to be so angry. I was taken aback, (despite accepting the fact that it was a misfire from my side).

But He made up for His anger on a newbie, later. But only partially. let more than a 100 people enter the Garbha Griha on Ram Navami, along with granting two boons to everybody! 

And then He Danced! 😊 

Almost all the people present there Danced with Him! The Raas of Ram Navami! The video went public.

I bowed down to Him, for many days thereafter, in the same manner He had bowed to Bhagwaan Sri Hari that day, wishing that may His court be full of joy, and may such moments of celebration and boon granting, keep returning in His front yard.

My meeting with Him is still pending though. He did not reply to my letters of apology, 3-4 of them have been written to Him and His office folks. This is the partial part that remains. A much-awaited reply and 'The' meeting.

I would relive this moment again for sure 🤗 Hell who would miss a chance to see Him dance again with His fellows and just roll out his boons for the sake of making peace with a newbie! I can face a 100 evictions more if needed! 

He left me a riddle though.

I had apologized to Him on the day of eviction. In His lesson in the Satsang, He said, "If in your apology, if you say it is not a major incident but a minor incident, then its your arrogance". The thing is (I realized only a few days back when I re-read the apology letter) my apology, did not contain this sentence at all! My apology did not say any such thing, the words 'major' or 'minor' were not in there! This is the riddle. Why did He say what He said, if it weren't in the letter?

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