A Date with God- Who all are in? ๐Ÿ˜› ( Concluding 21 Days)


This is a simple yet fun (I believe) game stretched over 21 days, which is not invented by me, I would like to give him the credit 😛

The challenge is simple, for 21 days you have to spend 11 minutes on a date with your Isht/Guru. (Not the 21st century kinda date 😝) You can simply tell him/her how your day went, or anything you else you want, without the fear of being judged. Just a normal conversation would do, you can also chant/ meditate. But in my personal experience chanting or doing sadhana becomes much easier once you fall in love.ย 

The aim of this game (oh that rhymes! 😂) is to make our bond with our Isht stronger and more tangible.

Will pen down a little incident to boost your morale (consider this a Josh talk from your captain!) A few weeks before I was traveling by metro and it was the peak time (9 am) Luckily, I got a seat but there was still half hour to go and I was getting bored. So I asked Shiva to come sit with me and saved him the seat next to me. More and more people got in as we passed stations but none of them even looked at the seemingly empty seat next to me let alone sitting on it. I talked for thirty minutes non stop and he kept listening with a smile. And this is just one of many such countless ones. So yes, trust me when I say, he listens to everything.

Before you feel that this is a game of imagination, then look around you. What isn't? Everything we see today, everything man made was once an imagination in someone's head. Wasn't it ! 😛

Game starts on Sunday, the only rule is, everyday 11 minutes, you can't miss a day! Will be posting updates here Every 7 days and at the end of 21 days let me know who made it. Good luck you guys ❤️

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I am already in. If Swami Ji comes to you then pray to him that I am also in the queue. 😝ย 


I am in captain! 😄

Btw, this was on a similar note that had been moving in my mind. My heart was saying I am not giving enough time to it and was asking for a dance date day before yesterday but I missed 😄. Now this is a good idea of 21- days challenge.

All the best everyone 👍

(P.s- If someone thinks this is imagination, to them - your whole life is a dream, an imagination, but you don't realize it, the day you realise it, it will cease to be a nightmare!)


Just 11 mins??? Jk😂 Letโ€™s play, game on😋


I do this every day for more than 11 minutes 😊 so, yes I'm definitely in. Thanks for bringing on the challenge ❤️


One week down, I must say, I did enjoy the dates everyday. 😛


Wow look interesting...Date between Mother Divine and her son(hahah its me 🤣) ..i am In...


Ps- I am also in 😂ย 


aye aye Captain 😍 .

Thank you for bringing this challenge. Only challenge is I chit chat almost entire day with him. Onceย  I got a feedback "kitna bolti ho tum"😬 😬, may be I have become Munni like Munna ofย  'Lage Raho MB', not sure if its him or inner voice, whatever it is its beautiful. ❤️ . Thank you Yash for revealing about your Dance Date, will try that too 🙃 Now this challenge might save him from entire day to just 11 mins or may be not ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you.


A few ideas for everyone -

  • Dance date 💃🏼🕺
  • 🎤Singing aloud a song from heart with him/her (I was doing this during one of my exams in March 🤣)
  • It's summers 🥵🤯, ice cream/juice date will be amazing
  • Slow stroll in the park date
  • 11 min workout date (I never enjoyed exercising unless this started 😅)
  • Sitting under the moonlight and enjoying the momentย 

And ya, don't forget to take a flower🌹 of their choice ❤️, even mental flower will do 😉


Great idea - I'm in!


I enjoyed a coffee date with my Isht this Mother's Day
I thought I would talk a LOT but I ended up quiet and peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you for bringing this up! Sounds cute ๐Ÿ™‚


Awesome idea. I am in


Supriya ji - great idea, maybe next time I am able to come in.

Metro incident is beyond amazing.


This is such a lovely idea. I'm in too!!! 😍😍🥰

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