Aren't People Hypocrite (Real Hypocrite)?


Jai Shri Hari,

Back then when Swamiji introduced Paid Membership thing on OS.ME, People straight out criticised him (some even compared him with all Babas out there who are working for money etc.)

Swamiji even wrote a post about that. (It is old, You can find it if you search a bit.)

But Now when people are writing posts here and earning through the same platform...

And there's no single post till now praising him or even thanking him for that... (Sorry in case if I missed but I haven't seen any.)

4 Answers

I am very grateful for, it is part of me and in my heart all the time. And I am sure the same applies to many. We will never know what the critics are thinking now. 

I think many people have expressed their gratitude:)

I have written a couple of posts about the beauty of, feel free to search:)

And the beautiful thing is that Swami sees everyone’s heart.


I don't think we are here to judge others.


You see.... I have one more point-

  • A Saint asks for alms/monetary help on road (traditional Bhiksha of Hinduism/Buddhism/Jainism) - Bhagwan ne do haath diye hain, kama ke Khao... Hamne kaha tha sant Bano ?
  • Saint earns for himself and lives in his own not-so-simple but comfortable home/ ashram - kehne ko sant hain sab tyag diya hai fir paise, Ghar, car - ye sab kyo chahiye

Means kuchh Karo jeene nahi denge! 

However fault may not be completely of people themselves.... but many are - probably conditioned 

Jai Sri Hari.

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