could you please suggest me what gift to take for swamiji while meeting him ?



could you please suggest me what gift to take for swamiji while meeting him ? As I know swamiji dont accept anything from others, I am thinking to buy flowers or choclates or dryfruits 😊 May I know what do you offer to swamiji while meeting him ?

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Devotion, Gratitude and Love. I don't think Swamiji will accept anything else.

By the way you can take flowers that look more beautiful than Our beloved Swamiji, chocolates that are  sweeter than Him, and dry fruits that give more strength than His teachings.(Hope you get the answer).

Amruta ji, if you take something materially your focus will be on giving that item to Swamiji and you will miss the magical moments you spend with him.

Please forgive me if I am rude in answering your question and congratulations for entering into Swamiji's family (initiation).


He insists on not bringing Him anything at all. A flower would be fine but I always wonder if there is any point in plucking a flower in His own land and giving Him… might as well extend the flower’s life instead:)

So you can buy one flower and give it to Him. 
Other than that really all He cares about is our happiness, wellbeing and how we treat others. The best gift would be to be a living package of kindness, love, humility, gratitude and devotion. Not just in front of Him but behind His back too and out in the world too. And maybe feed some poor kids or give them school supplies. Serving, loving, caring for and gifting His creation is best

That’s my two cents:)


Only a flower is suggested as an offering to him. 
You may be able to get one from Ashram itself, and they will help those getting initiated to have a flower to offer him.

Jai Sri Hari!


Nothing except your Bhava and some flowers that's it. He doesn't accepts anything but you can bring something for Sri Hari. He accepts ☺️☺️


Whenever I look at Swamiji,( watching His discourses on you tube), my attention goes to the chandan tika at His forehead. It looks as if full moon. I bow down to His breathholding divine...glowing looks. So i would suggest to take original chandan/ sandal wood for Him. It will be symbolic to His work for preserving the sanatana dharma. We all are breathing the divine fragrance coming out of His efforts. And offcourse...along with beautiful flowers and dryfruits....! I am so delighted to know that you are going to meet Swamiji in the Ashram because i know you will write about Him in your next posts and i will be able to get  glimpse of Him through your wonderfull writting... So, wishing  you happy moments...Always stay blessed..! Jai Sri Hari..!🙏😊


You are lucky. I think flower is fine. Please remember to write your experiences. Would love to hear from you. 


I don't know... I had thought but didn't take anything, when he requests/orders to not do so.

But if you feel like you must take then what your heart says take that... Flowers i feel is better as SwamiJi probably doesn't eat sugar.

Btw .... Best is to offer yourself which you would already be doing. 🙂

Jai Sri Hari.

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