What are the 3 things you are grateful for today?


If we all can start our days every day with an attitude of gratitude, our quality of life will take a quantum leap forward!

If anything,  I feel like just reading this thread may inspire you to take a pause and take account of what you are grateful for just today. Every day if you choose to enter in your gratitude logs either here or in your own journal,  over time when you read them you will be so pleasantly surprised by just how much you have to feel grateful for and how blessed your life is exactly as it is! 

Here are mine for today,  I am simply writing down the first 3 things entering my mind.

1. I am immensely grateful that I have a family

2.  I am grateful that I have a strong spiritual thirst within me

3.  I am grateful that my basic necessities in life have always been taken care of

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A, it is truly an honor to post a response to a thread created by you.

Three things I am grateful for today.

1. For being alive.

2. For the awesomeness that is os.me

3. For my home, for providing me with shelter  and protecting me from the sun and rains.


Today I’m:

1. Grateful to have encountered the sacred Lalitha Sahasranama

2. grateful to have learnt the Gayatri mantra

3. grateful to be using the Sadhana App


1. Swamiji 

2. Swamiji

3. Swamiji 


I'm grateful for 

1) having a lovely family

2) having a handful of wonderful friends 

3) this life

Thank you for asking this question. I've had a great day, today...for no apparent reason. It's just one of those happy days. I hope I retain this gratefulness even in my not so good days. 


Jai Sri Hari Brother. I am grateful for the same things every day. My Guru, The Divine Mother, My Family. 


Today I am :

1. Grateful to be finally covid free!

2. I’m grateful for all the covid vaccines and medications that were made available

3. I’m grateful I discovered swamijis memoir during the pandemic period


I was not feeling great to be very honest but I'll find three things to be grateful for. 🙂

1. For having the luxury to sit at my home and think what I want to do with my life. 

2. To my family and everything they do for me. My mood was grumpy and sad mostly because of my periods but my baba (grandpa) he noticed and he tried to initiate a conversation and make me laugh. 

3. And finally to Swami, to mother divine for not giving up on me, for holding on. I love you and I'm indebted (with tears of joy and everything in between).

PS - thank you for this question 🙂


Back here again on Saturday morning with my gratitude log 🙂 

1. Had a fantastic Yoga class and Vipassana sitting early this morning. Simply grateful to have both of these as an integral part of my life. 

2. Had a yummy breakfast of poha (made by husband) topped with Haldiram aloo bhujiya, besan ka laddu, and adrak chai. It was heavenly. Life is beautiful when the tummy is full. 

3.  Finished reading, "The Journey Home" by Radhanath Swami. Truly grateful and humbled to have easy access to all these books and the knowledge of these great saints. Now, it is only up to me, how much I can soak myself in it. 

Thank you A, for the thread. It has a magnetic pull. I am sure, I will be back again tomorrow! 


Thank you A, for this wonderful thread! These are the things, that came to my mind without thinking consciously (or reading anyone's answer:)) 

1. Good health

2. Having a solid support system 

3. Financial independence


I was waiting for it to become Saturday, to answer your question.

Today, I am grateful for 

1. Swami ji's post in the morning and that he also gave a shout out to SBA Scholarship & Mentorship Scheme

2. For feeling peaceful, despite many unknowns and deadlines at month-end. Decided to not fret about things not in my control much.

3. For being alive, and for having the basic necessities of life being met comfortably.


Food, clothing and  roof over the head


Thank you for this beautiful thread. Am grateful to

1. You...for starting this thread to remind us all how much there is to feel grateful about.

2. Existence....For letting "me" experience this magic called life 

3. My lovely family and friends who have helped me experience the richness of life 


My lord allowed me to fill the form....

I'm writing this comment right now on this beautiful platform.

Third one I'm grateful to be in this world...


Thank you A, for the great thread! It is truly an honor to post a response to a thread created by you. These are the three things, that came to my mind, also, when I read this thread ...

1. I am grateful that I have a strong spiritual thirst within me (same as yours)

2. I am grateful that my basic necessities in life have always been taken care of (same as yours)

3. Having a handful of kind, compassionate & wonderful friends on this awesome site platform (os.me) that I have found recently and being connected miraculously by the grace of God ...


Anup (Vishnu)

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