What simple rituals can I perform for my ancestors during pitru paksha?



I want to perform some simple rituals for my ancestors to express my gratitude and help them in any way I can for 1 week until mahalaya amavasya. While giving suggestions, please elaborate on the steps of the ritual. My family does not believe in rituals so I am not aware of even the simplest of rituals. Also, please keep in mind I won't be able to make elaborate offerings like pindas or anything (again because of family reasons). I want some ritual involving the simplest of things like some water or candles or something. Or some mantra or stotra that can be chanted. Thank you for giving me your precious time. 😊

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Dear Ahana,

I had the same question in mind few days back and when I saw Sadhana app’s IG post on Shradh , I asked a fellow devotee for suggestion. I wanted to do something simple, yet soulful and what he shared appealed to me. It is as below:

“Close your eyes

With full devotion, thank Bhagwan/Ma

Then thank the saptarishis

Then your ancestors

Do an act of kindness and pray that it reaches your ancestors

Ask them to accept this offering as your gratitude towards them and thank them that you were born in their family. “

Hope this helps.

Best wishes!

#MaaAschen 🙂


I do a very simple ritual that has its roots in the shastras. I would:

1. shower first thing in the morning

2. chant the galyatri mantra a few times (at least 3 min)

3. Put some black sesame seeds in the palm of my right hand (Standing next to my kitchen sink)

4. Mentally invoke 7 generations of my ancestors on my fathers side and then on my mothers side

5. Wish them peace and ask for their forgiveness for any transgressions committed knowingly or unknowingly on my part or by any other members of my immediate family

6. After this I wash the sesame seeds off my right hand by pouring water on it using my left. Then I just wash both my hands in the sink. 

Thats it. Plain and simple and it works for me 🙂


I offer water daily (facing east or south) remembering my ancestors and expressing gratitude towards them and our Guru’s lineage. I Keep it simple. As Swamiji says, gratitude and remembrance is the key.  


pranaam . 

there are many pujas like narayan bali pooja which is done for pitris but the best is to go to gaya and do the shanti . we can also do pitra tarpan every amavasya or during pitra paksha . but according to pandits all is done by elder male member of the family .so my father is alive so i cannt do this pujas only my dad can do for my grandfather and other ancestors.

but as pitra paksha is going on i had did some experiments and got beautiful results .

go to any temple with sweets ,have a pooja and distribute these sweets among people as a prasad . or  make a good meal for street beggers or labourers  and give them in the name of your ancestors  or you can feed birds ,fishes and other animals in the name of pitris. or you can experiment one thing chant gayatri mantra for moksha of your ancestors. your ancestors will be very happy. (this gayatri mantra thing i never did but heard from someone ).

thankyou .



Pvr narasimha rao nicely explained how to do simple as well as elaborate tarpana procedures. Check them out.


Also swami rupeshwaranand on yt said that we can keep 6 morsels of food on a plate in hexagon ,and keep it in balcony saying that its for my ancestors. Keep a small katori of water along with it. Remove after 1 hour. And 

You can also do pinddaan with help of a pandit. Lord ram also did pinddaan. Or you can also do homam for pitras with help of pundits.

In vedas , pitras are given place, and many hymns say swaha for my pitras etc i guess. 

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