What to do for our Swami Ji. How to serve Him?


Our beloved Swamiji does a lot for us. We are drenched every bit in his love and compassion. Whan can we do in our day to day Life to serve Swami Ji? What to do for our SwamiJi? 

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In light of today's post by Swami ji, I wanted to share my take aways

Swami ji said "Instead, rise up and vow to do something about the cause. Use your energy to not profess your love for me but to preserve, practice and propagate the Vedas."

To serve Swami ji -

a) Sadhana App [Preserve] -  Swami ji is the best to be able to revive Sanatana Dharma and Sadhana app is one such method. We should enable him to build his Sadhana app, so he is able to take this to the world.

We should contribute in whichever way we can, and also have friends who are likeminded to support for that.

We can study the scriptures and be aware of the Gita, to start with.  Here is a study group for Gita in WhatsApp where we are doing that. https://chat.whatsapp.com/HWBgMUcQ3TS427uhvZi0Sn  

b) Practice -

We should use the app actively, and follow the Vedic practices he is guiding us on, which we like.

The practice also includes our conduct, which is at the heart of everything. Kindness, Compassion, Selflessness, Truthfulness, Non Judgmental.  This Swami ji has emphasized from very beginning.

c) Propagate - Share the vedic practices of Mantra Sadhana, Yagna, Sri Vidya, and others  to like minded people.  

ps: Ended up writing a longer post which is here


In my opinion, it's by being kind, compassionate and treating others well, irrespective of whether He knows about our actions or not. 

Just genuinely being aware of the need of others. Helping everyone in whichever way we can, and treating everyone with respect whether it's in His physical presence or not. And by everyone I mean, the rich, the poor, the happy, the hurt, the saint, the sinner and the beggar, indiscriminately. That would be the ideal.

So all in all, just being a good person and serving His creation:)

I think that's the best way.


Live His Teachings. And if somebody is interested, bring them to the path of spirituality. It can be by engaging them in service, helping them beginning to meditate, offering a good word of encouragement, serving the environment etc. The world we live in is having a lot of suffering right now..too much negativity. First, try to be positive yourself. Next spread positivity wherever you find someone with an open mind and heart. 


Jai Shree Hari Manjuji 🙏

This article from Swamiji might help.


All Glories to Swamiji alone


I believe to serve Swami ji/God means to serve his creation in whatever ways with whatever resources you can possibly do, anywhere. What a individual can do is limitless. Here, creation means world at large, as Sanatan Dharma believes in "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" i.e. "The world is one family". 

Hope this helps you. 

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


You have your answer now Manju ji. Swami ji has answered your question Himself in today's surprise post.


By utilizing this great platform (os.me) to spread wellness message among devotees of the Lord!

Hare Krishna!


We can serve the Divine or our guru by being truthful to our own selves and by doing our work truthfully. 🙏🙇‍♀️

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