Will You Join Me Global Prayer – Celebrate Swamiji’s Darshan of the Divine Mother


Thank you for your resounding participation in the last Global Prayer. Multiple people reached out individually and suggested we do it again for key occasions in Swami's life.

Global Prayer –  Celebrate Swamiji’s Darshan of the Divine Mother

13th February – 7 AM IST to 7:15 AM IST

13th February 2010 was when Swamiji had his first Poorna Darshan of the Divine Mother. He wrote about this in a beautiful blog post titled “My Truth”. He also describes the experience in his autobiography and in a YouTube video titled Vision of the Goddess.

Join us in this global prayer to celebrate this occasion because we all discovered the divine mother through Swamiji.

Details: Sunday 13th February: Time 7 AM to 7:15 AM IST.

Action: Simply meditate on mother divine in whatever form you like and thank her from the depths of your heart for gracing all our lives.

This is not an official event sponsored by the Black Lotus of the Ashram. It's just an expression of love for our Swami.

8 Answers

Feb 13th in 2018 was when Swami (through his actions) confirmed my Darshan of the Shiva-Shakti. My Darshan was on Feb 6th, my mom's birthday.

Also, Feb 13th in 2018 was the first time Swami decorated Sri Hari as Shiva-Shakti (for Maha Shivaratri).

So, I'm super-duper excited about this event... Thank you very much for doing this, Akshay! 🙏🏼


Great.I am in.


Yes yes yes!


Great... Let's do


I will meditate, thankyou for taking initiative.


I am sorry for being late as i am not very active in QnA forum. Will pray and mediate today and will try to mark my presence here too


Have done it! Thank you for the initiative Akshay ji! Got to know from Swati ji! Keep coming with more such global prayers.🙏 Jai Sri Hari!🌺🌸


Always in for Our Beloved Swamiji 🙏

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