How are you helping or planning to help the world?


So, this is around Swami’s Birthday discourse where He mentioned about us helping others. He also said in a YouTube discourse that if we benefitted from this bond then the best way to show our gratitude is by passing on what we received.

Do you have any idea about what you can do to help others or what your skills or expertise are?

Or maybe (very likely) you are already helping, if that’s the case, please don’t be shy to share, it may inspire us all:)

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Apologies in advance if this sounds boastful, but here is my journey, especially since 2021-

I sold my business in 2020, after taking Swami Ji's blessings, to do something for the country, and society. (Of course, this may partially be a story, I am telling myself - like Swami ji shares in the recent interview & being completely selfless may not be true)

Then I took up the following
1. Indian Administrative Fellowship - Work in Govt at a lateral level, with a senior bureaucrat to bring positive change in scheme roll out, or faster technology adoption.  I work in Agriculture, and that impacts the livelihood and over 60% of the population of India.  The state budget in Agriculture runs in several thousand of crores, so if theoretically, we could improve even 0.5% of the execution, it impacts many lives.

2. SBA Scholarship & Mentorship Scheme - This Sri Badrika Ashram scheme provides scholarships for undergraduate students, who are needy and meritorious. We couple this with amazing mentorship, and then we added Communication skills and now adding life skills and placement cell to get them placed. Last year we supported 108 students and 72% were girls and 75% came from rural schools.  I must add I am one among the many volunteers who work for the scheme. 

3. Spiritual/Santana Dharma Volunteering -  Wherever possible volunteer for, the Sadhana app. I try to write to share what I have learned, and also it reinforces my learning.  I want to write more articles/(book in future) & speak wherever possible to spread about the cause.

4. Mentorship for startups & NGOs - Mentor startups, & NGOs at IIM Bangalore NSCREL. In an advisory capacity, there are a few NGOs also which I try to help.

More than the above, still trying to imbibe kindness & truthfulness in my actions. It is a long way to go.

It is divine mother's grace and Swami ji's blessing that this transition was possible.
Jai Sri Hari🙏


I haven’t really seen how I can truly make a difference in the world with my mere world-experience of a decade and a half, but this age is one that truly tests you- so, the way I want to help the world is along those lines.

2 of the acquaintances of one of my closet friends have ended their own lives. India’s academic system is crushing- the sheer unhealthy competition, pressure and a constant force to push you further and further- they say there are no limits to which one can push oneself but ultimately, you’ll push yourself a cliff, you know.

The thing is, when we refer to the world, we tend to direct our attention to the adults of the world, of categories, races and genders all- with basically what are said to be ‘bigger’ problems. And I truly, absolutely agree- with the addition of economic factors and responsibilities, their problems are truly big especially with some of the emotional baggage they carry. But young adulthood is an age where the problem may not be big but big enough for the person. And at times, they’re given problems bigger than they can cope with.

People often fail to realise that teenage emotions are not really stupid and fleeting, in fact, the scariest part is it’s the pinnacle of emotions and it’s extremely hard to deal with. The lack of understanding on all fronts causes children (like me) to demean their problems causing a lack of confidence, insecurity and self-esteem issues. Not to mention the fear of admitting to their issues as they feel they’re not deserving of understanding over trivial matters or problems. 

Not to mention this whole ‘you don’t even know who you are during teenage.’ Thing just doesn’t apply, you know. When you’re alone with your thoughts you become far too self-aware, which ultimately curbs into manipulating others into thinking that you’re perfect, happy or just ‘fine.’

I am who I am, and I’m definitely not happy with how I am, but I’m trying to change and be positive. But I also know my personality and anxiety’s legacy won’t end with me. The way I want to help the world is being inclusive towards all those who feel like me. To be given the comfort from external factors that I wasn’t given at places outside home (or.) 

I know it sounds stupid and ambitious and unnecessarily detailed, but if there’s even one person out there who feels like me in this aspect and identifies with these words, I feel like I’ve already helped the world. Because acknowledgement and the absolute right kind of understanding must be very, very rare to come across. I’m probably not giving that either, but still. 

Understanding is how I want to help the world. Because figures and numbers mean a lot but it’s ultimately the solo units of hearts and minds that constitute the world. 

P.S: I apologise if anywhere in this answer, it seems like I am seeking self-assurance or sympathy. I’m not. I tried to be as honest as possible. 


With Swami ji s immense blessings and grace for last 4 years this body has been helping as a medium government hospital poor patients with medicine, ration , shelter homestay money or their children s tuition fee or uniform sponsorship. I must mention here I have no ngo. I don't use credit, debit card or net banking and I have a functional family to take care of.


At the moment my main contribution is limited to answering questions on, and sometimes on Quora as well.

I've left my email in description and have people reached out to me with personal queries to which I'm happy to respond.

This has enabled me to help individuals with their sadhana – was able to mentor one individual to complete a purushcharana (from beginning to end) who faced multiple challenges, for which suggestions based on my own sadhana experience helped him immensely, in his words.

This has inspired me to do something on these lines – to help people introduce to and do sadhana, the one that gives some mystical experience/distinct joy, so it inspires them to walk the path.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


I am working with 3000 tribal women for their prosperity through institution building,Farm Producer Company, and livelihoods.The smiling faces of community through our interventions always make me remind my Guru Maharaj Mantra "Live Love Lough Give" .
But in reality ,I am not helping of community. The lovely people gave me opportunity to spend meaningful purpose of my life.So they are helping me.

Jai Shree Hari!


I don't think I have really contributed much to this world.


Be flexible and Open towards Nature, Have willingness and Nature will work through us in her own time amd place...Maa knows better 😍


To follow my Guru's words is my life's mission. Throughout the day I look for opportunities to help people around me in every way possible. Speaking kindly to all  the patients, counsel those in pain, help those financially who are need, treat those for free who can't afford, pay for the education for those who lack resources,  feed the poor whenever possible,  appreciate my staff for their every effort and give memorable tips whenever possible.  I may not be doing big things but as Swamiji says every drop in ocean matters , true to this I try to spend every day helping people as much as I can. And it's all His Grace 🙏


I am trying to regularly practice Japa these days and will start using black lotus app soon. At work , although, I find it too challenging, I feel there must be some purpose for me to be in this current situation, so I want to be able to do the work with a service mindset , be positive and do the best I can.


Is my mere presence in this world not enough?

Am I supposed to do more?

What is going on here? This world really asks for too much.

It’s like when you go to your relatives place. Your visit ain’t enough. You must bring gifts as well.

A bit too much innit?


I am trying my best to be kind with fellow human beings. Also with my counseling sessions i feel i am giving some solace to people who need it the most.  With grace m also part of the SBA mentorship prog and some volunteer services for BL app. Rest m waiting how else i can be of use to this society.  


I am sharing my spiritual learnings with others through blogs on and answered many spiritual questions on and qoura ( I have helped few people personally  who needed some guidance on some of their life or health problems. I help beggars on the street with food or money. 


I feed birds everyday and give them water. So many birds eat from my balcony that I have to refill their plate twice a day.😊 Been feeding stray cats for years. I donate a small amount of money every month to an animal NGO. 

I make sure that every single person who comes to my house right from delivery people to staff are always given something to eat. I keep biscuits chocolates and sometimes juices stocked in the house always to give them.

I donate some money every month to some needy person i inevitably meet 

Very little but I'm trying to do more.


Jai Shree Hari Komal,

First of all, heartiest congratulations on being a samurai for the community 😊😊😊. Wonderful question ☺️

It's very important to relate to the cause that you get involved and so I have taken up few things that I connect with at a deeper level. 

1) I have started teaching in local Chinmaya mission to younger kids ( age 2-5) to tell them stories from our culture, dance with them and sing songs in a way that teach them values and glory of Sanatan Dharma.

2) The local temple that we have here don't have a priest. So, it's only volunteer that help run the temple. I have started introducing them with physical yajna, mantras etc. and also promoting sadhana app along with that by letting them know about the app and the source from where I have learnt it. 

3) Volunteer for work related to sadhana app as and when I get time. 

4) We also have a WhatsApp group where we have started Srimadbhagvad Gita readings .

Most of the activities that I am involved with, I can vouch for the fact that I have received far more than what I give. 

Offered at the lotus feet of our Swamiji 💌🙇‍♀️🙏🙇‍♀️

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