How can we win people's hearts and leave an impact?


So, I am curious about what you think. How can we, as humans, win the hearts of as many people as possible?

Personally, I believe that when we are kind, genuine and truly care, we win people's hearts. What do you think? Also, please do share your experience and tell us how anyone made their way into your beautiful heart!:)

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  • Love and Compassion.
  • The benefit of the "other" before yours - Selflessness
  • Non-judgemental -

    What we give, it comes back manyfold.  So if we want to love or a place in someone's heart, we give love or a place them in our heart.

    A lot of folks think being kind and having love and compassion, is like being a doormat.  Sometimes being loving means to say a No to a request, as it is not good for them or for you. 

   IMHO, this is the way to win people's love.


Dear Komal, my personal take is that real kindness is not something you show or offer to someone or anyone in particular.  I consider it a state of being within yourself. Kindness begins and ends with you and you alone. When you learn to truly love yourself and be kind to yourself,  that love starts to transform you and you will become like a flower that exudes a beautiful fragrance that is unconditionally available to all beings in your world. Then it doesn't matter whether or not you are able to win anyone's heart or whether people reciprocate it back. Just like a flower doesnt exude its fragrance for one while withholding it from another, it won't matter to you what the world thinks. You will be full and overflowing with that kindness all the time. In that state you will have an impact upon whoever you meet. How they respond will depend on how open they are to life. Not everyone offers a thanks to the sun for shining do they?  Key is to focus on cultivating self love. The rest will take care of itself 🙂


By being fully present in their company.


Let's look at people who have won several hearts.

I think winning hearts first comes from being naturally helpful, compassionate and open. I have a friend who used to be like that with almost every person on the street. We used to have long philosophical discussion, but if we did that walking on the road we were doomed to be interupted several times because every few steps in the walk, some person will interrupt to speak with my friend and he will also reciprocate with a smile and without any irritation on his face. I would be standing quietly waiting for that conversation to get complete. And the people who stopped to chat were from diverse background it could be a shopkeeper, it could be a student, it could be elderly person, it could also be a beggar, there was no one single type here. If I was to typify this friend of mine then he was Krishna personified. He could be curious on everything and could talk on every topic on earth. He could within no time zero down on the inclination of the person and start conversation in that subject making a person feel that he has a soul partner. And he was capable of identifying hidden strengths of that person and express it and thus making people feel good about themselves.

He made a lasting impact on all the lives he touched. I know several cousins of mine who might have met him only once or twice in their life. But whenever I bump into them in socials, they never fail to enquire on my friend. He makes such an impression because when he is talking to you, he makes you feel very important at that moment. That has to come naturally and it is an inimitable trait I think. Yes, we can practice compassion, but it doesn't come to us at all times and we often tend to be selective in our compassion. We don't like having conversations with any and all kinds of person without a valid reason to back it. At least that's what I notice in myself and my actions.

Unlike my friend, I win hearts of very few people but my strength is in my honesty and in my readiness to look at truth square in the eye however bitter or inconvenient it may be.

In short my take is that winning hearts can come only by being the best version of oneself. The more open one is , the more universal one will be in winning more hearts.. If we are choosy in nature, the world will also be choosy in allowing you to win world's heart.


Agree with you Komal... Being genuinely kind is the easiest way to win people's hearts. And not only that... Just be there...Be fully present when someone is telling you their problem. Just listen. Most of the time we listen just so that they finish talking and we can give our advice. Sometimes just listening is enough. 🙂

And now tell me how did you gain entry into my heart ? 😍😍 Merry Christmas to you!!! 🤗🤗


I agree with you. When I am interacting one to one, that warmth always pulls. People start easing up and you can see that in their eyes. I don't have experience with public interactions that much though.


A senior at work managed to win my heart simply by asking me to shut down my laptop and take care of my health because she genuinely cared for my well being 😇


I partially agree with you, being kind, genuine and truly caring, wins people's hearts each time you do something for them and they just start expecting from you more and more. Having only these attributes, sometimes make people around us selfish and they do not get inspired but just take these as our personal attributes. 

The most important attribute to win people's heart is your behaviour with others and more importantly with yourself. Being happy inside out and having beautiful heartfelt wishes for others makes everyone feel a pull towards your light! 


One thing that i do is avoid being sweet and nice making sure i am not thanked. . Do what you need to do and leave it at that. Why even bother if they thank you later or go about bad mouthing you? Isn't the desire for an outcome defeating the very purpose of undertaking an act of kindness?

Being an Om i guess it is best to stick to your dharma..and what would that be? The same that is Swamijis dharma.

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