How will we get reward behalf our good karma?


If our good karma couldn't stop our health-wealth loses then where it will work?? In which form we will get reward behalf our good karma? Plz anyone can explain. 

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Where would it be good to do good karma for a rewards? 

There is no reward for good karma, it depends on you whether you want to do good karma or bad. By doing good deeds, you are giving reward to someone. And someone will reward you by doing good deeds on your behalf. And that thing will be a real reward for you. 

The satisfaction after doing good karma will be a reward for you. The good is itself a reward in good karma. 


That's such a good and common question Kajal. 

Although we do not have control over our current circumstances and karma which we have done in the past, we do have control over our future. And ultimately I feel good karma is performed to increase our inner fulfilment more than for the fruits. When we do good karma, we are giving out love and compassion to others, which also increases in us.

Proof? Try to genuinely help someone, and make them happy, with gifts or compliments, whether it's a child or an older person, their happiness will make you swell with love too:)

Not sure about future rewards at all, but I know it makes us feel good in the present moment and builds up our spiritual wealth. And this strength helps during the low phases:)


The smile, peace and satisfaction we get after doing any sort of good karma is the instant reward it gives.... When we keep on doing little things like spreading smiles, love and respect and politeness, those instantaneous rewards become our life pattern and we get strength to overcome all sort of obstacles coming in our life. So keep doing the good karmas, you will definitely feel the rewards👍


Imagine that you are in locked in a prison and that in order to be set free you need to clear a debt of 100 crore Rs. To me an act of good Karma works towards bringing down that debt amount you owe and not towards enjoying prison perks. Even if you acquire a VIP cell with all the comforts, you still are in prison! So performing good Karma, sometimes doesn't necessarily directly benefit you in your life in terms of acquiring more comforts or health or wealth. Good Karma helps you reduce your Karmic load and paves a way towards your ultimate liberation from suffering.


It will give us inner strength to handle any health-wealth issue/losses. It is the lack of inner strength that makes us vulnerable to suffering.....imagine you are doing good karma most of the time, you would build a fortress protecting your inside and be able to stay equanimous amidst most of life's isn't that heaven?! 


Nature works on a grand scale - perhaps we are enjoying the fruits of karma that we did 100 lifetimes ago.  So, I don't think we can look at this one lifetime and expect to see the scales perfectly balanced.  Perhaps with great stillness, we can see in our past lives and only then would we be able to see how nature has balanced our account.  Only thing we can control is try to nurture our good samskaras so that we act well going forward.  


Jai Sri Hari. I think the best part of doing good Karma is the act of doing it. The joy you get when you consciously act and know that its helping someone is unparalleled.


Dear Kajal, 

Here is YT link where Swamiji talks about Karma and expounded on it in his usual humorous way!!

Jai Shri Hari 🙏🏻❤️😊


I have always felt that good karma have an instant reward in the form of happiness and elated feeling we experience while we are doing them. And that feeling propels us to be further kind and compassionate. That is why Swami ji has put RAK everyday in black lotus. Once we are on this wheel, it is already a rewarded journey. 


Hi Kajal, I may not be able to give a satisfactory answer to your question but I can certainly point you in the direction that I found some answers. Try the books below:

  1. Aghora 3: The Law of Karma by Robert E Svoboda
  2. The Bhagavad Gita for daily living Vol 3 by Eknath Easwaran , Chapter 13 The field of Karma

Ultimately I believe that the concept of Karma isn’t easy for anyone to grasp at the level of mind or intellect, it’s beyond that. We can certainly make an attempt. Hope this helps.



Nekee kar kuei Mei daal.


It is the law of nature, what ever good you do, it comes back in one form or other. It is difficult to quantify the reward. As lord krishna says, keep doing your karma without any expectation of rewards.


I think doing good karma itself is a reward..

If you do something good you feel that happiness contentment.. i think that is the biggest reward..


Expecting a reward for Karma is antithesis of the basic concept of Karma.

We can't be judge of our cause and thus in no position to decide if the karma done by us is good or bad.

So what all remains is just the action.... Keep doing it ..

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