What good deed/RAK did you do today?


As a mark of respect to Swamiji, I took an oath on his birthday to do at least one good deed everyday and record it, all through December. I will maintain this thread. Join me, encourage me and give me ideas.... Post your own. Let's make this world an awesome place 🙂

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Ever since Swamiji entered our lives,it has been a transformation towards a kind being. I gave my maid fresh breakfast, attended to all my patients nicely. I counselled few patients in pain & smile on their faces made my day. I was extremely patient with screaming patient in labour. So far,great day. Half the day is still there to do lot of RAKs.


I said I love you to the one in mirror. 


Everyday I offer food to birds ❤️❤️


I celebrated the honest and diligent work that a street sweeper does by treating him. More than just the kindness, rewarding anyone who works honestly without cutting corners is my aim. Thank you for asking.


Take care of home chores, without mentioning it.


I have washed utensils to reduce the work load of my mother. 😊


I shared a quote for the day with all my colleagues.This is something I love doing everyday. Initially, I didn't think much of it until one day when I forgot to post the quote, one of our team member texted me if I am fine and why I didn't post the quote. She said, she look forward to the quote everyday and it helps her to start the day on positive note. ☺️

Apart from that day,I donated very little to one of the funds campaign running for one girl who was going through cancer. 

Then, I also send an appreciation note to our team leader recognizing one of the team member who helped me a lot on a project. 

All glories to Swamiji alone 💌


I helped my FIL to resolve issues with COVID-19 vaccines records. 


It’s loving Swami’s birthday still here in the US and I convinced a fellow devotee to have dessert. He’d been off cakes for 2 years (!) 


I offered someone help in job search.


I smiled and said thank you. I greet everyone with a smile 😊 


1)Fed a stray. 2) Volunteered for a PCOS camp at college 3) Helped out a friend regarding some college paperwork 4) Helped out my little brother with his studies 5) Fed a stray 6) Said a polite thank you to every stranger I had a transaction with today, be it the auto driver or the shopkeeper. 7) Gave my mom a massage. 8) Shared humor of the day from BL to my instagram handle to make someone smile. 9) Gave a rainy day tip to the auto driver


I called my grandma and parents on video call. Thank them for all they have done for me.


Today I met a lady with her daughter at the toddler play centre. she is new to the area and asked me if there more options available for her & daughter to get involved in. I provided as much information I could, she thanked me and said will be definitely going to other sessions I recommended. 

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