Do you play Wordle (daily word game)?


It is not related to spirituality but the game is simple yet so awesome, I HAVE to ask my osdotme family 😀 .  It is getting viral but if you haven't tried it, try here:

6 Answers

Yes, I play it almost every day.
And here is an article, which shares the first word guesses which can get you to answer faster.

ps: And it became popular so quickly that New York Times acquired them and now it is available at -  


Yes! I play it and I have got at least 4 people to play it. Now all of us are hooked! 


I had not, and I am not really on social media and therefore miss the viral stuff, thank you for this recommendation Deepali ji, I love word games.


I just tried it without understanding the rules and failed miserably:D

Thanks Deepali! I shall play with it:)


Oh my God! What is up with this trend?! Everywhere on social media I saw people posting a bunch of coloured tiles in form of a big square with the heading 'Wordle' in their status. Thank you for writing this question, now I know it's a word game! 😂


I am so addicted to it that my wife has named me wordle vyas😜😂

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