If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?


The change can be anything! 

Mine is; being a hardcore sweet tooth, I would like to change the direct proportionality between eating sweets and gaining weight 🤣

What's yours!?

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If possible I would like each of us to have one experience, where we experience the interconnectedness between all of us, and divine/nature.

That would make all of us more mindful of our actions, and hopefully create a increased desire to realize oneself/ see God. 

Jai Sri Hari!


Jai Sri Hari! 

Considering I am a part of this world. I would like to slowly and gently like to work on changing my tendencies, and that would inturn change the world around me for sure. If at all i need to choose to invest my energy and power into changing something, I would try to change this speck of dust, first. 

If my energy remains after that then I would be happy to see the world becoming more empathetic and kind towards other humans and ANIMALS for sure. 

I hope my imperfect, cliche and too serious answer does justice to the question asked. 😛 😀 🙂 🤍😄😊


Perception of people who judge everyone without knowing anything ,, We take less than one minute to judge someone... 

I want to attach a story which will help you in understanding ..  Once there was a man who was thirsty , he went to a shop keeper and told him that I want some water . 

Shopkeeper says wait I will be back soon . After some while the man who was thirsty though that  Shopkeeper make a fool of him and gone ... 

Man left the shop and the next moment shopkeeper came with a glass of Lemon  and said " I thought you would be very thirsty so I make Lemon water for you " , The man thought I was judging him but he makes lemon for me ..

Man drinks the lemon and thought that no suger is added in it , shopkeeper just make me fool once again he was not in mood of giving me water so he not added the suger .. 

He puts the glass in anger on the table of shopkeeper and left the shop .... 

" Hee !! Listen ! came here " Sound came back from man  

Shopkeeper gave him a spoon with a pouch of suger he said " I thought brother would not like too much suger so i don't add , instead I carry a pouch so that you can mix the amount of suger you want " 

Then perception change by the man he thought " The shopkeeper is a vise man and kind hearted" 

In this way I want to say you that early judgement always go against you and the judgement after listening everything came in your favour ... 

Always speak less and listen more which will make your character very strong.

Jai shri krishan🙏🏻



On a serious note,
"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."- Rumi

But since the question is asked in a lighter note, for that- The nose poking and free advice giving habit of people (especially relatives) 😂. And the education system- it has literally become rubbish. (My sister scored 22/25 in SSt test and her teacher says, "What are you doing? You should study well. " 🤣🙈 I mean, bache ki jan loge kya!)

P.s- Btw, same pinch, I too happen to be a sweet tooth, like experimenting with different creative sweet ideas- e.g Gulabjamun in milk😜. My mother teases me, "You can even eat stones dipped in sugar syrup 😁". Somehow, that proportionality doesn't seems to apply on me 😁. 

The problem with table sugar is that it is heavily loaded with chemicals and is even bleached so that it looks white. Artificial sweeteners do more harm than benefit. You can replace white sugar with Rock Sugar (Dora mishri/khand in hindi) in summers (bcoz it's cooling in nature) and with Jaggery in winters (bcoz it's heating in nature). Both are healthy alternatives and have good effect on body, eg, jaggery increases blood and iron. Interestingly, just yesterday I happened to watch a video on 6 healthy alternatives to sugar - https://youtu.be/VVPFk1TIaUc


Replacing all the religions of the world with Kindness!


I would want to give animals and plants a voice and a language that is understandable to human beings(by making all of us like Dr.Doolittle haha)

We neglect their suffering because we can't understand their pain. But if we could, I believe a lot more of us would live in harmony with the life around us. 


Narcissistic bosses with cruel power dynamics personality 

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