What is the Zoom Link for Write to Mindfulness workshop?


Updated: The Zoom Link for Write to Mindfulness workshop will be updated here on November 25, 2022. 

The link for Zoom Meeting: 

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Meeting ID: 827 8023 1655

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Best wishes for a successful work shop Medha.


I would love to participate in the workshop. I journal every day but I struggle to feel authentic in my writing. I feel like what I put on paper is a glorified version of how I feel and manage life. It would be amazing if I could learn some tools to help me bring authenticity to my writing.


Dear Medha, I would like to participate in this workshop to improve my writing skills and eliminate procrastination. I am not good reader and writer. I am hoping that it will help me in these areas. Thanks for organising it. Warm Regards, Mohit Gupta


I would like to participate to learn to express myself clearly and write effectively


I need to learn to be mindful and have tried meditation and doing a course on mindfulness but nothing seems to work. Probably I do not know how to apply the knowledge.  This write to mindfulness seems to me an exciting tool which could do the trick. 


I would like to participate in this workshop to learn to navigate the daily challenges through writing!


I’d be glad to join 😊


Hi need help to write better. Want to learn from someone who has been successful. I do write in my journal every day. To overcome the initial  intertia is a big challenge. when i write in depth it is so therapeutic. There is so much clarity in my mind.  Kindly include my name is the session.thank you


I am interested in joining Medha


Taking a dive for sure! Thanks


I have been wanting to break through my inner block to start writing in different domains of life both career and personal life. I think this workshop would just help me to overcome that and get started on this personal desire of mine.


I would like to participate in the workshop.


I would like to participate and know more about it. Excited to be a part of it.


This sounds great! I am super interested!!

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