What should we do when we are observing silence?


I was planning to take a small anusthan and observe silence together. I have read what not to do during maun vrat, but I don't understand what should I do after my Japa is over. Should I just chant the mantra the whole day or observe thoughts the whole day? or something else?
Can anyone tell from their experience what to do?
Jai Sri Hari 🙏

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Jai Shree Hari,

Here are a few suggestions from my past experience, you may see if any of them suits you.

1) Do a good amount of exercise. You can also add some kriyas like Vase Breathing, Mulotejan, etc that were suggested by Swamiji.

2) Expose yourself to enough sunlight as a routine. Also, make sure your room has enough daylight access. When we practice solitude and silence, it is very essential to facilitate a healthy hormonal system else it may trigger side effects like anxiety, etc. Hence points 1 and 2 are paramount.

3) Cry for your Ista (Literally), if you can. Cry like a baby. Personally, I have felt that it transforms our consciousness at a remarkable speed like nothing else.

4) One thing I regret not doing in my silence+solitude is not reading Srimad Bhagavad Gita. This one scripture can infuse remarkable clarity in a Sadhak. It contains an enormous amount of practices for common people who are busy in households. It can also provide the right mindset to aid any Sadhna

5) Write something. One can just do a journal of Gratitude/Blessings.

6) Memorize a few lines from Lalita Sahasranama / Bhagavad Gita. Or memorize eulogies of God. A few of my favorite eulogies are - Vedasara Shiva Stotram, Shiva Tandav Stotram, Kaalvairav Astakam, and Bhavani Astakam, etc. 

 7) Do Kirtan (Of course, only if it is allowed as an exception in silence).

8) Focus on breathing, and regulate it. One can also practice Trataka on a candle or any object while focusing on breathing.

9) Practice a few visualizations - for forgiving others, for practicing surrender like in Khanda-Mand Aghor Sadhna as mentioned by Swamiji in Devi Bhagavatam



Here you go☝️

Jai shri hari🙏


Feel free to give this  post of mine a read, I just typed it up. I had it on my mind for weeks but never wrote it, so thank you for being the catalyst.

I can’t promise you’ll find it useful but know you had a role to play in this:)

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