Am I chanting Gayatri Mantra incorrectly?



I chant Gayatri Mantra mentally 216 times daily. After chanting I feel difficulty hearing cleary, and speaking in a coherent way. Also, there is tightness in the body  Should I change my style of chanting to Upanshu way of chanting? 

2 Answers

You need to verify whether you're chanting it correctly.

Mental chanting requires recalling the mantra and not merely speaking out loud in the mind.

For instance, try to answer these questions. These require you to recall:

Which number comes after 18?

In which year you completed your 7th standard in school?

Similarly, You recall each line of gayatri mantra one by one, in your mind:

Om bhoor bhuvah Svaha

Tatsavitur varenyam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

Make sure you are specifically mindful of the first word/its letter of each line as you recall it. It's easy then to remain mindful of the remaining words.

Also, be mindful of the last word/letter as well

And then, you can and should observe the emptiness of the mind when there's no sound/thought for a moment or two, before you recall next line/iteration.

You can notice this emptiness between lines and iterations both.

As your concentration deepens on the lines being recalled, you observe subtle wave/sensation like thing in your mind eye, that rises from the ocean of emptiness as you recall the mantra. The sound itself seems to appear as not just audible, but visual as well.

This is the pashyanti sound

Mental japa is ten times more effective than the first type of japa. It represents intellectual consciousness (pashyanti). It is important to note that the sound it is associated with is called pashyanti, means that which is seen (as opposed to spoken). In mental chanting, you repeatedly visualize the mantra in your mind’s eye.

(From the book)

If you're chanting this way, you'll not be disturbed by burp, yawn. Even on-going hickups will stop magically once you are established in correct mental chanting.

If you're getting these Instead during your chant, it means the concentration/chanting isn't proper.

Slow down a bit. Have a bit more gap between lines. Be mindful of each word as you recall.

You can also recall in specific voice like that of Swamiji, to gain better focus, at least in the beginning of your session.


Meditate on the form of your Ishta for a few minutes before you begin chanting. Invoke your love and emotions for it by touching its feat etc.

Bhava is one of the two crucial requisites (the other being one-pointed concentration) for correct chanting, which is sure to show results in due course of time.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


This is such a wonderful answer, thank you so much! 

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