Can we have an autosave option while writing articles?



A couple of times my writings have not been saved, as I did not keep clicking on the Save button and closed the website window by mistake. Is there a possibility of having an "auto-save" option? It will be quite helpful. 

Thank You 🌹 

4 Answers

Thank you for the suggestion. This has been passed to the technical team.

🙏 Team 
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Auto save would be great, I agree.

Right now, I click “Save Draft” every time I write a couple of hundred words roughly. Works almost always, i remember losing a draft no more than once or twice in the last few months.


One other suggestion is -

a) Option to schedule a post at a later date/time.


I have a non-critical item in my wish list - The ability to share draft link of an article before publishing, e.g. to run it by others before publishing.

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