Have you taken the Karmic Debt Assessment to get your Karmic Debt Score on os.me?


Have you checked out the newly launched Karmic Debt Assessment?
I found it amazing and very unique.  Do check it out, and share how you found the assessment?

ps: Kudos to Pankaj and team for this new feature.

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Yas I did and it’s great. I think His grace is such that we will automatically feel good after trying it out because whoever is on os.me is blessed afterall😃🙌


Yes, I did think of giving it a try for fun and got good scores.

But here's something that I realised along with it, for anyone reading this -

Had I given the test some 3-4 yrs ago, I would have got poor score, and a very poor score (maybe worst) some 7-8 yrs ago. Whatever is your present score, it doesn't matter that much. Because we are the ones who have created it, and we are the ones who have the sole power to change it and craft our destiny. By Mantra Sadhana, Meditation, Bhakti, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Serving others (in any way) and by doing sufficient tapas, we can change it and increase our score. It may not happen in one day, but one day, it surely happens. By grace, someone destined to die at 16 can become immortal (Markandeya) and a fool can become a great poet (Kalidasa) ...


Yes! I did. Quite an amusing quiz. It said, I am doing better than many out there. (Motivating, yeah!)

In my opinion, in the addiction question, there should have been an 'addiction of social media' option too (it is present like wildfire). Maybe I am wrong, I apologize for that, just stated a little opinion. 

Thank you for asking this wonderful question! Jai Sri Hari! 


Thank you Ravi & Sunil. Glad that you liked it. The goal is to provide simple tools to understand ourselves a bit better and then use the guidance available at os.me and elsewhere to improve our lives, move further in our spiritual journey. We do plan to release more assessments over time.

One key element is to invite others (who are not aware of os.me or Swami Ji) and have them experience what they are missing by not tending to their spiritual self. Do feel free to share thoughts & ideas if there are any.


Yes , I did. It was too heartwarming for me. By Divine Grace I am doing good in scores. Jai Sri Hari 🙂 


I tried it and was shocked.Actually we dont realise how much we are blessed until someone out of the picture comes and gives us a view of our lives.So glad I did it & realised I am blessed in countless ways.


Yes, i did


I tried. It was amazing


Indeed so mazedaar 


Yes, I did. It was amazing , Thanks for this beautiful feature Pankaj ji and team.


Love the inspiring and uplifting assessment report produced at the end.

Good Job Os.me team !!


Yes I did! But how do I check my karmic debt score? It ask me to login after taking the asessement but  where do I see the scores? Please guide. 


Yes, I did. It was tough score , so much need to do for increasing my score. 


Yes, I did. I think it was accurate., although i would have liked more options as some did not match 100% how i feel. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

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