How do we love God?



In today's video, Swamiji remarked that one who falls in love with God, becomes God. I would like to know various ways of loving or falling in love with God. 

If you want to be more specific in your answer, kindly suggest ways in which a 25yr old graduate student can love God 😛

Thanks in advance!

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From personal experience, here's the easiest way to love God:

Try your best to love Swami with all your heart and unconditionally. Instead of trying to please anyone in the world (including Swami's followers), try to make Swami happy with your truthful behavior. No matter what the world says or does, dedicate yourself to work only to support Swami's cause (as against your personal agenda).

While doing that, go about performing all of your duties as a student (and later on at work, etc). And, definitely be kind to everyone in your speech. Sincerely strive to help yourself and everyone mature in all four ways that Swami had listed in his post: Four Kinds of Maturity.

At one point (like he did to me), Swami will redirect you to love the Divine. You won't even know how it happened, and it will all feel super easy!


Sweet Pijush, 

Imagine seeing an ad about a product over and over again, especially if a movie star is in the ad! it will create some curiosity in you, yes? Then you decide to read up on it, it creates a bit of interest in you. Then you try to get in touch with people who have used that product and you hear more and more about it, it will really get your attention...then you will make up your mind and start looking for places to buy that this point you are committed to that finally buy the product! 

Something similar happens in falling in love with God. Initially you come across the idea and you get curious. You may start reading up on it and it will fuel your curiosity further. Then you start associating with people who are in love with God and hear more about it and get interested in it. At this point, you start looking for people or places that could give you that but while searching hopelessly you realize that it's not something worldly that you can get off of Amazon! 

By this time, you are growing desperate to have it, since you are committed to it. You want it. This directionless search will leave you mad and wanting that love of God! This maddening state is love! Without your knowing, you are already in love....and let me share this secret that Rumi put in words--

what you are seeking is seeking you a thousand fold;) 



  • Repeat Gods name & think of him as many times as possible, even when doing ordinary acts. 
  • Live with God every second, feel his/her presence in all the acts around you. Feed/Decorate your God's idol and feel the presence more.
  • Listen/Watch to stories of bhaktas/devotees like Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Meera Bai, Chaitanya, etc. 
  • Listen to Bhajans dripping in Bhakti. Bhajans and many others come to mind.
  • Be in the company of devotees of God.
  • Take solitude practice for a short duration - 1 or 2 days, only to practice Bhakti, and being in company of God.
  • Pray to God to give you more Bhakti.
  • Try to live in Surrender Bhaav - "Thy Will shall be Done" / "Sakali Ichcha Tomar".
  • Self Purification and Reducing your Ego, helps in the path.

By giving Him dairy milks daily!!

Hey big bro, don't be formal with God, if you want to love him, the moment guidelines and rules and regulations and scriptures just becomes a ritual..

So in my view forget about questioning how to love, you wouldn't ask this question if it were your siblings or gf or parents or friends..

Just chill, love the way you like, it's not a checklist that this-this-this done and I loved god!... 🤗🥰🥰😉


Hi Pijush - Ravi gave some excellent answers already around Bhakti / Devotion. I am providing a slightly different perspective since you mentioned that you are a 25 yr old Graduate Student.

Unless you have an uncontrollable urge for devotion or bhakti, I would suggest a slightly different path. Right now, you should focus on your studies and excel in whatever field you have chosen. It's important that you develop your skills that are of use to the society. Post graduation, you need to think through your career path and become  financially independent. Then save enough so you can take care of yourself (and any dependents like parents etc) through your spiritual journey.

During this journey, if you can think about God (as Ravi has suggested) that's awesome. If not, try to think about every individual as yourself. So see your mom in all moms and so on. That's going to change a few things in you. And whatever those changes are, would prepare you for the path that you have described.

Hope that helps! As I said, it's a different perspective and if you have an uncontrollable urge for Bhakti / Devotion then this may not be an appropriate suggestion. All the best! 


I am tempted to ask a question Piyush 😊 Do you Love?🙏 Because Love is God 😍 Jai Sri Hari 💕🙏🙏🙏


Pijush - Have some dedicated time for some sadhana daily.  Apart from that offer your activities to him, for instance if you are studying do it with perfection and surrender results to God.  If you so desire you can think of God  as your friend so that you are remembering Him while you are doing your duty of studying.  


A very great sage once said you cannot love god. Whatever love you feel is God loving you. The sign that you are seeking, is not you seeking but God seeking you.


Fantastic question! To find your answer by logic, you need to first describe and explain your concept and definition of God(looking at your profile you are a student of mathematics and you perhaps find it difficult to accept explanations that are not ‘scientific’) . I suppose if you are ‘ABLE’ to do that , You WILL find your answer. 
Kindly read the above statement again and reflect on it. 
I resonate with this description of God and you need to watch it uninterruptedly for 45min. Promise?😀



When you think of your beloved think of God too asking him to grant her to you!

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