How has impacted you in a positive way?


How has impacted you in a positive way?

For me, it starts and ends with the treasured 1st and 3rd weekends of a given month. 

And then there’s the incredible life guides, amazing Wednesday editorials and the kind and compassionate community and everything I learn from them. 

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The OS in;) helping unleash the ‘me’ in😋

But dear oh dear what a journey it has been!!!:) 

Okay jokes aside, I can say that everything about has the potential to help anyone grow spiritually! Swami’s posts, love and guidance don’t need a mention:)

The super kind community which showers love unreasonably and too generously and of course the little moments here and there:)

Eager to see what others have to say. 


Hi cutieee!

Here are two things I learnt that transformed me:

1. Others are damn smart and knowledgeable and you can learn from others, Anew!! 

2. There can be more than one truth, Anewww!!!

Ok now off to MB!


As a person who has gone through many experiences including marriage, my biggest learning through has been "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional" :).

On a more serious note, it has been a transformative experience where I still continue to have my flaws. The only difference is that I "know" they are flaws. So I am very much at the first step so as to speak but continue to be excited about the journey. 


Few months back, I wrote a post on my Spiritual journey, and how played a role in it. That may provide you a broader perspective.

2 has given me the privilege to get direct access to Om Swami ji's wisdom. I always get some new pearl of wisdom from his posts. has given me a platform to go on short trips of my creative journey😀 which otherwise would've ended before it even began. 

Giving answers to the questions asked by other members gives me immense satisfaction that I am atleast doing something in the direction of my life purpose....

Have got a very kind, friendly and supportive soul family. Thanks to this whole community🙏


1. OS.ME has given me the platform to share my spiritual learnings, practices and experiences and I get a great joy when people find them useful and helpful. As Swami Vivekananda said, giving spirituality (or something like that) is the greatest charity one can do.

Plus what you give is what you get by several fold as said by Swamiji. This is the dharma of nature. So, my sharing are only going to help me progress further on the path.

2. The live sessions with Swamiji, ability to send pranams on his Saturday posts which he personally reads, the learning from intense virtual retreats etc. are various ways to stay connected with my Gurudeva virtually, which brings lot of joy.

3. Some great post every now and then I come across from other seekers, which gives joy and/or inspiration. 

Jai Sri Hari 🙏

1 has provided me the acess to my inner potential. I wrote about 18 blog posts on varied topics which I never thought I will do so consistently.

It can't happen without the blessings and divine grace of Swami and his Vision. There is always an inspiration and insights I receive while interacting with members through Q&A, blogs and wisdom articles .

Hari Om Tat Sat

1 makes me feel very positive and optimistic. Reading Swamiji's blogs is developing and broadening my perspective about life, health, relationships and work. 

I love the versatility of blogs by our community members. Knowledge and experience of such amazing and kind community members, spiritual boosts and much more. Its like an online Satsang and Library. I think, is extremely therapeutic and rejuvenating corner on the internet.

Not to forget the amazing amazing life guides have helped me incredibly SO much.

Thank you Swamiji and team for giving us such a lovely platform.

Live, Love, Laugh, Let Go.

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