I wish to be wrong but Is there Favouritism???


I strongly want to be wrong but 'Is there favouritism among community members vis a vis initiated and non initiated members, foreign based/returned and ordinary Indian residents, overly sweet and blunt persons'?

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Dear One,

When I started writing in this forum, I didn't know anyone except Swami and a handful of volunteers (who aren't active on this forum). 

I've been writing non-stop since this forum's launch in 2019 (I switched accounts in Feb 2021). So far, I haven't met or interacted (outside of this forum) with 95% of the people who comment on my posts. Many of them hadn't even seen my face or picture! Those kind people comment because they benefitted from my writings.

Even the other 5%, whom I briefly played a spiritual guide for, reached out to me after reading my posts in this forum. So, I can say with confidence that there's no favoritism in the community members.

Based on my experience, if we work hard, interact regularly with the readers and write with pure intent, readers will follow us. That's what I've seen being a long-term writer in this forum.

Hope that helps, dear. My love and respect to you. 🖤🙏🏼




Dear Ravi,

I am very sorry that you felt or feel this way. The essence of os.me is to spread love, truth, kindness and equality, in my honest opinion. And as a member, that's what I try to do, day in day out. Everyone has a right to their opinion. We can share their thoughts on os.me and be equally accepted.

Having said that, please feel free to share why you feel that way and if there are some actions that can be taken then maybe we can be more mindful in the future to not make anyone feel this way ever.

Is it with regards to type of comments received on posts or perhaps number of comments? Or the list of featured posts or authors? Or anything else? I'd be happy to hear your thoughts. But you don't have to write it publicly, if you do not wish to. You can send a mail to os.me support and I am sure the team will get back to you.

I personally don't think, we, as os.me members, display any kind of favouritism, we are quick to interact with anything which we can connect with and close to our hearts.


Dear Ravi ji,

Someone who does justice can find this thing in a fraction of time. Coming from legal background we have been conditioned to speak against unfairness. I appreciate your straight forwardness and thank you for bringing this to notice. To be very honest we live in a society and every body have their favorites. One who is powerful, who owns a status and who owns resources is seen in a different light. And that is the reality of this world not just one place or something. How early we understand it and at the same time believe in ourself is what that makes the whole difference. To be able to still one's mind and see everything with the lens of non judgement can help bring happiness and see things in a different perspective. 

And would like to take a moment to mention that favouritism in any sense of the word is harmful not only to people or community but if looking at the bigger picture it is harmful for Sanatan Dharma. Whom we endorse it speaks a lot while in reality someone who is working for the bigger cause may need more support and yet silently doing his/her work. Time is running out.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏

P.S. I may differ in my opinion but this is based on my personal experience and it is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone in specific. 


Jai Sri Sri Hari Ravi. There is no favoritism per say. What I mean is no one is deliberately trying to practice any culture of favorites.


Many people who haven't been initiated may be more spirirtual than those who have been initiated! All of us are in different levels and I never felt this kind of differentiation  in this community  and neither do I differentiate on basis of initiation or non-initiation, Indian or non-resident! If something has happened, please write about it dear Ravi ji, as such a behaviour is against spirituality. No person will grow in spiritual path with such favoritism. Might happen, that some people have met each other or gel well together and eventually become warm among themselves but that is a different issue. Anyway dear, if there is some wierd thjng that had happened to you, you may bring it to the forth. 😇

There is Divine in you too! 😇😇

Jai Shri Hari! Take care!


This is a really good point you are bringing up, Ravi. I would like to know what made you feel like that. Would you mind sharing if it was a particular incident, a post, or?

In honesty, I have wondered how many foreigners meaning non Indians are on this platform. People who know each other because they have met in person for instance, maybe at the Ashram, versus someone like me, who came across this platform to read Swamiji's posts and then started writing herself. Is there a difference between the two?

Is there a "group" that sticks together and supports each other through comments etc.  And then I ask myself, why do I want to know? Who cares? So perhaps is our mind that makes us ask questions of this type. I mean, after all we all have a common denominator here I suppose, our love and devotion for Swamiji, otherwise we would be somewhere else. 

I believe this is truly the kindest and nicest platform out there, humans can be cruel online (and otherwise), so maybe take what you need and leave the rest? Just a thought. Thanks so much for reading my long response and I look forward to reading your comment/s 🙏🏽


I've never experienced this on os.me.

However, it is true that biases are a part of human nature and they will always find an outlet whether it's in the real world or in the virtual world. So I don't see it as a os.me issue but rather a human nature issue.

Please share with us why you feel this way. 


I don't think so. I've never seen it or experienced it! But what made you think that?


Ravi ji please tell why did you feel so?  I never felt in this community


Dear Ravi,

Personally I have never felt any kind of favoritism or bias. I think it will be very helpful for me and many other to reflect and develop awareness of any such thing that may happen unconsciously or subconsciously. It would be great if you can share few thoughts on what made you feel such way. 

Appreciate your straightforward truthful question. Take care. 

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