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Sanatana Dharma's scriptures are in a messy state. There's too much clutter and dry philosophy in there that most people struggle to relate to it. If things continue as today, Swami feels that Sanatana Dharma will be alive but only a handful of people will even know that such a thought process existed. 

Swami is working tirelessly to save this profound age-old wisdom. As his disciples, Swami's cause is our cause. Therefore, we can all help him like Lord Rama's squirrel. Perhaps, if we all work together, we may even be his Vaanara Sena! 

How can we support Swami in his efforts? In short, let's make this forum a repository of Sanatana Dharma. We can do that through a Virtual Writing Satsang. You can find more details here: The Practice of Satsang

Since even a good cause needs some publicizing these days, I thought of sharing the details here in the Q&A forum as well. Whether people join my efforts or not, I'll work to support my beloved Swami's cause till my last breath.

However, as they say, the more the merrier! So, if you're interested, please join my efforts to support Swami's cause. 

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah





This Virtual Writing Satsang has nothing to do with the Black Lotus App or the Sadhana App. My efforts aren't endorsed by the forum as well.

Reviving Sanatana Dharma's wisdom is a cause that Swami has meticulously prepared me for a decade now. This Virtual Writing Satsang is my initiative to support Swami's cause. Monetary proceeds from my writings go to Sri Badrika Ashram and other projects of Swami.

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Wherever you are - I am always there. I have been studying certain scriptures and sadhana related material since last year. Please do let me know if I can be of any help. Even if it's a tiny bit - I will feel honoured. We need to save the Sanatan Dharma or else it will certainly perish is what Swami said and I am in consonance with Swami's views. Sending love and gratitude your way 😊🙏


Wow, Your thought is always novel and very inspiring. I hope I am able to contribute to this cause constructively. May be become eligible to be part of his Vanara Sena. May Mata Rani Bless you abundantly.


Great idea didi. Would be a privilege to be a part of this vanar Sena 🙏🙏


Maa as you guide shall do same.


Thanks so much for this exciting opportunity, di. Count me in. Will contemplate and post my thoughts.


Keen to do my bit for our dearest Swami ji!👍


Dear Sri Devi Om mam, it is a very nice initiative. It will need a lot of research and study I believe. I'll try! Please accept my pranaam 🙏


Pranam Maa! Count me in.


This is great Idea dear Sri Devi Om Ji 🙏🙏 I will try to contribute 🙇🙇


It's a good idea. Pls guide as i m not sure what we are exactly supposed to do. I mean we will be getting a topic from you or just have to leave comment on ur posts? Sorry for such ignorance 


count me in. I am so ignorant but  I will try my best. Jai shri Hari


Pranaam Sri Deviji, it's our honour. I'm not good in express my thoughts in words but it's first time something Swamiji wants and we r all lucky to get chance to contribute ourselves. Will try my best.

Jai Shri Hari🙏.


If I can make any contribution, please count me in. 

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