Looking for a comment from swamiji in his blog


Can anyone remember the post where swamiji has commented something like "you all accompanied me from another planet, you are not alone, you are home" some what like this. Probably this post was published in 2020. I am trying to search but not getting. If anyone of you remember do share with me. Thank you

2 Answers


How I found it-

  • Went toΒ  Nava Durga Sadhana blog
  • Clicked on Swami's picture
  • Dialog box appears
  • It has a heading comments, click on it
  • Found the comment

Hope this helps 🙏


Thank You Narayani and Yash. I read that post when I was a free member. There was very slim chances i would have read the post to find the Comment.Β 

Thank YouΒ 



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