Question on Sri Suktam videos



I see the below note on the live page.

Important note: please do not write to us requesting that Sri Suktam Sadhana videos be made available again. We are not able to do that. They will be provided here in Jan 2023 and then again next year near Diwali for 21 days every time.

Curious to know why the videos would be available in January 2023. Diwali makes sense to me but not Jan 2023. 

Thank you! 

1 Answer

Because it can be done in January time again. From Om Swami’s Sri Suktam post:

Having said that, this sadhana can also be done in the lunar month of Magha (I’ll share the details another time). The ideal time is starting with the night of Diwali and the second best is in the lunar month of Magha.

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