Unable to upload clear images.


Dear os.me team,

There is no option to upload .pdf file so I'm uploading .jpg but when i upload, image being blur not seem clear image. While in my phone jpg is clear to see.

Plz help me. Is det any specific size to upload?

1 Answer

Dear Kajal - It took me sometime to get this answer internally. Any images that are uploaded are optimized by the system. This optimization process should not drop the quality of the image significantly. It is designed to ensure that we don't have very big images on the website as it impacts the reader's experience. The image guidelines are available at this link. Please follow these for your images.

If you wish to link a PDF file then you can upload them on any 3rd party service (Google Drive, Dropbox etc) and provide the link in your article or Q&A.

Hope this helps!


os.me Team

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