Which is your favorite post written by Om Swamiji on os.me?


Which is your favorite post written by Om Swamiji on osdotme? Mine is 'What makes you a saint' How To Become a Saint? - os.me

It is my favorite post because I like gulab jamuns very much.;) ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

Seriously speaking, we all can become saint by simply following the virtues stated by Om Swamiji in this beautiful post. How simply he defines a saint

S: service (an indomitable spirit to serve)
A: awareness (know what you are thinking, speaking, and doing)
I: inherent compassion (love and compassion flow from you, naturally)
N: no ego (giving equal respect to those who offer you respect)
T: Truthfulness (being genuine and truthful)ย 

Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

8 Answers

Jai Sri Hari. Mine is The Gates of Shambhala. I did not understand it after reading it many times so I asked him in a Q&A session and his answer melted my heart.

A hunter basically finds the gates to heaven and comes back to get his family. When he goes there the gates are no longer there. I asked him if the hunter should have left his family behind and gone?

I am paraphrasing his answer based on memory.

He replied by saying "Do you think I did the right thing by coming back for you from the Himalayas or should I have gone ahead". He went on to say that the one who is liberated they don't need any time to go to Shambala. That is always available to them. For the unworthy, there is no way they will find the gate anyway so in the end what matters is what you put into this path. He also added that as a grihastha you may have to walk away for some time to intensity your practice but you can always come back.

Also, happy Gupt Navratri to everyone.


My favorite posts by Swami are these two, which came at a time when I needed his guidance on something similar:ย 

I have a soft corner for two more posts I've listed below. Swami wrote these with me in mind! I emailed a question on surrender to him. He said he would write a couple of posts on the topic. Then, he sent me a note indicating he had written these two posts to answer my question:

Thank you for asking this question. It made me go down memory lane!

My love and respect to you. 💕🙏🏼


There are so many posts over the years I've read and liked. I can't put them all here, however the one I know by heart and often refers to new folks and which is quite dear to me is My Truth

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


I find old posts of Swamiji very powerful (Those which he started writing when os.me was born)

And specially these ones :




And there are some more...


All especially one which describes stula roopa of mother divine


@jyothiharish Can you share that post where Swamiji wrote about Divine Mother's roop?


I think I canย  never write name of one post. I read one post of His everyday and I find each post better than previous one. 😊🥰


I love this thread, I enjoy seeing which posts folks like. My favorite: https://os.me/thing-ever-need-know/

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