Who is your nominee for the #WriteChoice Challenge?



Who is your nominee for the #WriteChoice Challenge?

11 Answers

My nomination goes to : Niraj Chandra for all his superb Articles and his expression is just straight from the heart woven in simple words. 

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


I loved so many of #TheWriteChoice posts. My nominee is Ahana B for her "Hunger and Spirituality don't go hand in hand." I loved it. 


Though i haven't gone through all the posts, i liked the candid real life experiences shared by Niraj Chandra and Ahana 


Aghori by Deepak Nair

Real men do cry by Dr. Monika Om Sharma

April 2022 Write Choice Participation Diary by  Prahalad Rajkumar

Hunger and Spirituality  Ahana Banerjee

It’s Not You It’s Me Move Your Spirit


My nomination: Niraj Chandra.


My Nomination for Niraj Chandra for his truthful writing.


Me for Ahana B and Alok Singha


Nominating one contestant when there are so many beautiful, inspiring and engaging articles is an unenviable task.

My nomination: Nashita Lotlikar for Window Stories https://os.me/short-stories/window-stories/  

I loved her storytelling style. 


My nomination goes to: Nashita Lotlikar, Snigdha Ganguly and Move your spirit with Elena.


I liked Inktober Diaries: Part 2 by Durga ji. 

Things I liked in the post -

  • She managed to complete 31 sketches in 31 days, that too with a toddler around.
  • I liked her imagination and creativity in the sketches, specially that little mischief from the rabbit. 😆😆

My nomination goes with Window Stories of Nashita. Thanks @Prahlad for sharing this link.

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