How do we not allow things to stress us? What's your method?


It is very rare to get through a single day without coming across at least one stressed person.

So, as you've opened the question, let me ask you:

Have you developed a mechanism or your own method to deal with stress? 

It could be anything: Thinking of a joke, meditating, thinking of God or just shifting your mindset.

Personally, I try to shift my focus or act on the matter, so that I choose peace of mind.

What about you:

How do you not allow things to stress you?

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Hi Komal. Great question.

I used to have major stress problems. This included getting sick on many occasions when I was stressed out over something (I've gotten out of one or two annoying school plays and boring events that way, but trust me, it's not worth it). Couple things I've done:

1. Preventive measures: Why do we even get stressed? Primarily because we haven't planned out anything or because we've overplanned. The key is hitting the right balance, making sure that we are ready to do whatever we have to, on schedule for any projects, etc, but not planning every fine detail. That way, we're fine even if things don't go exactly to plan.

2. Release: Releasing stress is important because we can't anticipate everything. There will be problems, and during those times, releasing stress by means of physical activity (sports especially) or reading (especially engaging books that will pull you away from your problems). Anything that will relax your mind or release some aggression is great.


Hey komzieeeee,

One of the best realizations I had was- "Change a thought to change the associated feeling!"

Listen to this, I was on a plane and there was turbulence and it scared the S*** outta me, so I changed my thought (of maybe to "damn this is fun!" and I witnessed myself relax and laugh. Maybe made me look like a psycho but ya know, I don't give two hoots about what others think...LOL

1. Change any thought that takes away the inner bliss (stressful thought) and tactfully replace it with a faith and surrender. 

2. The unfolding moment carries tremendous intelligence with it. If we are aligned and in acceptance of it, there is no stress whatsoever. Stress is mostly non-acceptance of the unfolding moment. 

See you on iMessage;)


Hey Komal: been thinking about this as well. 

Slowing down, going for runs, playing a sport helps. 

Getting a cup of coffee, and getting back to work also helps 😀

I have a sneaking suspicion that the more we think about stress, the more it becomes a thing, and the more it gets to us. 


Stress- most of it is about thoughts. If you learn to be thoughtless and just a silent witness, nothing can stress. Plus breathing and stress are interconnected. If breathing is regulated you can't be mentally stressed. Philosophy is of less use. Only experience helps. My two cents.


If you know the truth of who you are, an immortal soul not a mortal body, and that everything here is impermanent through actual experience not intellectual understanding, then you'll not be stressed. That's the permanent solution - spirituality. Till then we can heed to the good folks above by changing your attitudes and training your mind.

There's a free meditation app/institute called Heartfulness that helps people get into deep states of meditation faster. Their method is practical in the modern world. You can give it a try to see if it's your cup of tea.

Hope that helps 🙂


"SURRENDER".  - as my stress majorly relates to things beyond human purview,  surrender to HIM has worked wonders. All human efforts on one side and GRACE one side. 🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️


Tension lena ka nahi, dene ka! (pun intended)


Keep chanting His name


I just try to view myself as a millionth part of a speck of dust floating in this limitless mysterious universe and whatever or whoever is contributing to the stress as yet another little speck in nothingness..


Every time there is a situation, especially at work, which I am either not comfortable with or I do not agree with, I just keep on reminding my self THIS IS TEMPORARY. I keep repeating it like a parrot and take deep breaths. After about repeating around 9-10 times, my brain registers and the stress/anxiety/frustration that stemmed out of that situations starts to come down as I start to accept that the situation is temporary. Colleagues will change, managers will change, projects will change and even company might change. It has sort of worked for me most of the time. Hope this helps!


Hey Komal, hope you are doing great, long time no see 😛. 

Shifting my focus doesn't usually work for me as i Can't stand distractions for long. So, I usually have a walk discuss things with him in detail and he  always comes with a solution.  ❤️


There is a Hawaiian technique called Hakalau which uses peripheral vision to reduce stress levels. I've found it to be a very effective practise. 


M on stress free pack in BL app so u can well imagine komal 😄. But honestly with change of perspective,  letting go of resistance,  deep breathing, walk and listening songs which reminds me of HIM makes me better. These days m stressed coz schools hv opened n i hv to shift back to delhi, leaving beautiful nature behind, and get up early in the morning to prep lunch box for my daughter.  Can u understand the intensity of this stress 😆


Taking a breath helps. Trying to zoom out and see the bigger picture - nothing lasts forever, everything is impermanent. Self talk that life is all about perspective, how can i think about this differently. Also reminding myself words from Swami Ji that don't act or say things under stress - we would likely say or do things we likely will regret. Also no amount of stress or anything justifies being unkind or harsh. 

So bunch of different things and whatever works best at that very moment.

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