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Are our present sufferings due to our past life karmas?If  yes,then how to dissolve our past life karmas?Is there any sadhna or mantra which can help us dissolve them fast?

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Interestingly, my mind works the opposite of what Anu (Anew) said! 😊 It's amazing to see how we're all different and unique in our own ways. And, what works for one doesn't work for another.¬†

I keep struggling with my situation. The moment I label it as past life Karma, my mind becomes ready to accept it and deal with it better.

Thanks to Swami's guidance, I actually know my past life. During that experience, I noted that my sufferings were indeed due to past life Karma! The scriptures are all speaking the fact in that matter.

The biggest method to dissolve past life Karma is chanting the Divine's name (mantra chanting). Additionally, social service alongside being compassionate to others works magic too.

Most Sadhana (that Swami has written about) is done to dissolve past life Karma as well. 


Dear Rajeev,

I'm always careful about which questions emerging in my mind get my attention. Your question- " Is present suffering due to past karmas?" This is one of those questions that I would never get sucked into! Instead whatever the "situation" I'm in I just remain solution/response focussed rather than trying to understand if I'm in a situation due to my past actions...

Also, if you continuously practice looking at situations as situations, you will be able to deal with them in a savvy way:) As soon as label a situation as suffering, we just create a block. 

Nazariya badal do Rajeev bhai, nazare badal jayenge:)

Much love



I try to keep it simple here.  Do your best to do good karma now and you sow the seeds of peace for the future.  Engaging in our negative tendencies now is watering our bad samskaras, so those would then become active.  The past is dead and the future is unknown - all we can try to do is make each passing moment peaceful.  Besides, in the grand scheme of nature, our perspective may not be capable of discriminating if our current situation is due to good or bad karma.  Sometimes an easy and comfortable life may prevent us from taking the spiritual path, so who is to say your comfortbale life is due to good or bad karma?  Sometimes our suffering could even be a blessing as it guides us to the spiritual path, and sometimes acts as an accelerant too. 


I am so thankful for both Anu Ji's and Sri Devi Ji's answers. I feel I will like to amalgamate both the approaches ...that is, to accept that what is happening is due to past life, and being solution-focused for the problem at hand. What still irks me is that, things like a girl child being raped, are these also because of that child's past life karma? For critical situations like these, I do not believe in pansophy. Like Swamiji believes, I too would not like to believe in one theory like law of karma, to be the answer to everything. I will suggest you to read Swamiji's article- and also do read the insights on karma which Swamiji has given in the form of question/answers in the end of the article.


Jai Sri Hari Rajeev. I take the other approach advocated by Swami. Tera Kiya Meetha Lage. I intellectually understand that it's past life karma and makes logical sense, but it's not an experiential truth. Hence, I simply accept the fact that the situation is what it is today and you have a choice to deal with it or crib about it.

Also, I love how Vedanta teaches us to deal with this. Tibetian Buddhism is also similar in its approach.  YOU are the observer to things happening to your body, your mind, and your intellect. When you constantly keep reminding yourself of that the problems seem further away and much more manageable.


Yuc can read Karma book by Sadhguru..It will answer lots of questions regarding this topic...and will also shatter old beliefs regarding karma and suffering 🙏🙏

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