what you do when you feel so much afraid ?


what you do when you feel so much afraid ?

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Remember your Guru or Ishta God who you are close to, and they will provide you strength.


Jai Sri Hari. Start by knowing you are never alone. The divine always protects you. Also chanting and deep breathing helps. Do read Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s phenomenal.


I am so much afraid of swamiji 🙁


May be you are nervous... And afraid of unintentionally doing something  in front of Him which YOU FEEL YOU DONT KNOW would be  respectful or not..... Don't worry just ask for forgiveness from Him and remember He is ocean of compassion. 

It's your respect & devotion for Him probably.


Don’t be afraid Amruta. Just know that the Divine loves you unconditionally. If you are scared that you have done something wrong or may do something wrong, just seek forgiveness with a childlike heart. You didn’t know any better.

Because we are so harsh on ourselves, we tend to think that others will be hard on us too. It’s not the case.


I just remember swamiji and surrender my fear to his feet.. Any feeling which i can not handle i do the same..


Just pondering over the impermanency of the feeling...Many times in the past, I was so much afraid but it passed and I remain unharmed.Most of the times , our fear dont materialize.

As a person spends his saved money at the time of financial crisis, We Must build spiritual wealth when we are comparatively at peace. 

Ways to build spiritual wealth- Chanting, Meditation, Satsang, Reading Scriptures ( I usually read Srimad Bhagavad Gita, its a magical book if you are ready to assimilate and absorb it) and of Course Swamiji timeless Posts.......

As someone said "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." .........Om Shanti....


chanting Om Swami Om Swami in loop...😊


Never ever let your strength decay by isolating yourself. You are in a safety net. Your mind is trying to trick you and sending confusing signals of fear. Yes, fear to some extent is good, but excessive fear paralyses your thought process. At that time one has to rely on the spiritual deposits. So deposit more for those difficult days and draw as per your requirement. However, for instant relief, with maximum focus pray to your Guru or Istha. They will definitely listen and handhold you.


Awww, that’s such an uncomfortable feeling:(

Here’s what I do:

1. Chant Om Swami Om Swami Om Swami

2. Express my fear as is to a trusted friend, this helps me release that pent up “fear” energy

3. Go back to chanting Om Swami Om Swami Om Swami

It’s not easy to get out of the grips of fear but with time the tsunami of every emotion comes to an end…it shall pass too! 😘😘


I just say “Jaisi Hari Iccha”. I keep adding this after any good or bad thoughts. This just removes all the fear in me. Since, mind comes to know instantly that everything  is happening as per Krishna’s wish. If he wants to take something from me or give me it’s going to be good for me.

so, keep ending all with “Jaisi Hari Iccha!”

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