What’s your most embarrassing moment in school or college?


This is a fun question to help you open up:

What’s your most embarrassing moment in school or college?

My Answer:

My most embarrassing moment in school was the time I thought I won a race, but I didn’t. This was back in fourth or fifth grade, but I still remember it vividly. We had a confusing race course set up, and the whole class was racing through it. I was running with a friend, and we quickly overtook everyone else. Then, we were faced with a puzzling turn – should we take it or not? We chose not to and ran as fast as we could – in the wrong direction! So we thought we reached the finish line and took a seat smugly before realizing that everyone had ran in the right direction, and we were now well behind everyone else.

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Let Momma bird answer this for you, my dear son! 😊

This was in my college first year. I had prepared for an inter-college Music Fest. My team and I had practiced amazingly well for months.

On the event day, I landed up on the stage and suddenly got gripped by stage fright. When I struggled to overcome it, I saw my father in the first-row seating. This event was purely for the students. So, I had no idea what my father was doing there. He, a music nut, probably wanted to see me sing and somehow got there. But, I got confused and panicked. 

I stood for a while on stage without singing. Then, when my teammates prodded, I sang out of pitch in fear, and the whole thing was a mess. 

That day, I made a fool of myself in front of hundreds of students from about 30 colleges. Not just that, I single-handedly ensured that my college got disqualified from the event.

When I returned to my college, I went from being a star singer to someone who made everyone angry! Plus, I had to walk around with this embarrassment until completion of my college. 

Why just school or college, it was perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life so far. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙃


Okay.. I suddenly remembered this really embarrassing incident. In my 12th standard, I went to this educational institution for extra classes on weekends. It was almost like school but extra studies in extra luxurious classes. There, in the 3rd floor (where my classroom was) the washroom was a bit peculiar. The washroom had one common entrance for both boys and girls. After you enter through the common entrance then you'd find two separate doors leading to the boys' and girls' lavatories with their respective labels. But two doors were situated very close to each other. And once it so happened that while I was busy chatting with my friends who were walking behind me, I mistakenly opened the wrong door and walked in on the boys toilet. I still remember those dumbstruck boys gaping at me. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened and when I did, I ran in the opposite direction! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂


I thought long and hard, and just as I came to the conclusion that I had none, I recalled a funny incident. It wasn’t embarrassing, just funny.

There was a school event, and we were all outside, the entire school, and randomly a bird came and stood on my head. Yup right on top of my head, that too, the crown chakra;) Then it casually flew away.😂

Till date I don’t know what happened. My friend saw it and from that day on, she teased me all the time. I clearly wasn’t human enough for the bird to be scared of me:)


Jai Sri Hari Rishi. I once burst crackers in class and when the teacher started blaming innocent students I confessed. That was awesome and brave. I became embarrassing when all the other students also pointed their finger at me and said it’s him to escape punishment. 😉 Got suspended from school and they called home to inform my parents about it. 


I tried hard to recall such an experience from basically tragic experiences 😅. Remembered this one -

It was in 2011, when I was in 4th standard. We were some 6-7 boys who had participated in a particular act in the annual function. On the day of the function when we all were dressed and prepared for our act, our teacher came with a lipstick 😂. We tried to escape but it was of no use. She applied lipstick to all of us 😂(so that lips would shine), that was the only time I remember having used lipstick 😂😂😂

(Nice thread, it will spread some laughter 🙂)


It was during my MA Part I examination. Our exams were held within the University itself. We were seated in the room according to our roll numbers. Fortunately I was seated beside my friend.  I was not very well prepared for that paper and came across quite a tricky question. I needed to answer there was no optional question with it. I saw my friend speedily writing the answer to it and nudged her gently to show me the answer. Checking what the invigilating professor was doing she quickly passed me the sheet were the answer was written which I hid under my sheets and started copying from it. The professor saw it all and when I looked at him to check whether he had noticed anything was surprised and much embarrassed to see Sir was smiling and nodding his head- as if he wanted to say ' I saw it all!'. But he did not take any action against us and we could complete the paper and submit.

It's unfair means I had resorted to, to pass my paper, not a good deed at all and I also didn't score well in that paper - a good lesson for me!


I didn't have any embarrassing moments in school or college that i can recollect. 

However, at home I remember few embarrassing moments

1.  I had a scooter, which I was allowed to drive in 10th grade onwards. Once with in the lawn area, I decided to sit looking backwards, to drive it, forgetting completely that I will have no brake to slow or stop. I ended up stopping it by slowly crashing it in the hedge

2. I lit a fire to small set of leaves just for fun, and the fire spread to nearby wood lying & the fire became quite big. I got really scared and had to run to put buckets of water to douse it.


I was in 4th or 5th grade and first time heard of cricket summer camp. Excitedly I signed up and on first day turned up in regular school attire versus everyone dressed in sports attire. The coach gently sent me back 🙂 

While in college I took a bus from Bloomington to Chicago for an interview. On the way back, I got on the bus that was headed to Detroit and not to Bloomington (its the same "Megabus" that looks identical). When I got on the bus, I immediately fell asleep and woke up an hour later to find out I got on the wrong bus. I ended up going all the way to Detroit (5 hrs) and then taking bus back to Chicago and then another bus back to Bloomington. 


I once went to someone's house. I wanted to drink milk. Wanted to add some sugar. There was a jar of powdered sugar. I took a couple of spoons and mixed it with milk. I took a sip and found out it was salt 😂


I got my menstruation in middle of the class and soiled my school uniform, which was completely white. 🤦‍♀️ Luckily my friend stood right behind me to hide that huge spot and escorted me to the washroom, got me the napkins and also a new set of over-sized uniform which the school has kept in spare to hand it over to girls in such situations. It all happened when I was in.class 7, almost 13 years old. Despite our best of efforts, the boys in my class got to know all this due to fuss and drama and I saw them pointing at me, gossipping, chuckling and looking with  surprise. 😑 it was all so embarrassing...


Look, I’ve had a hell lot of embarrassing moments, but my most recent one being I was conducting the Prize Distribution Ceremony for 11th grade and I announced the name of the grade topper wrong- thrice. And by wrong, I mean I took a different name. And the kid whose name I mistook was just standing there awkwardly not knowing what to do. Argh.


I have written a blog post on it, Rishi. You can read it here: https://os.me/short-stories/shyam/.

Thanks. Keep smiling. 


Hi Rishi,

Your question was running in a loop in my mind, finally, I could recall it now 🙂 

In my final year Diploma - every student has to give a tech seminar. after so much research, I had chosen to give a seminar on computer 'virus' & 'antivirus'. 

Although I could speak only butler English with a brave heart I started to explain in English - only God might be understood what I was speaking about at that time.

now into the main scene,

The whole classroom was pin-drop silent for about the first 15 minutes, suddenly after 15 minutes of the session, everyOne started laughing and burbling with each other. 

I was in a mood everyOne is enjoying my session but the truth was something else - after 2 minutes even our lecturer could not control himself by laughing at me - funny me I still went on explaining the topic next 2 minutes, but finally, the lecturer stopped midway saying 'on board you have written Aunty Virus instead of AntiVirus whatever I was saying about antivirus it became complete double meaning.  

till this time, some of my close friends pull my leg saying  'Aunty Virus' 🙂 

Ha Ha. 

Hope you enjoyed reading it. 

Happy weekend. take care.

Om Narayani Namostute. 



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