Aditya Anand

Am I chanting Gayatri Mantra incorrectly? [2 replies]

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Sudhagar S

Surprised to find a small Rudraksha in the Prasad. I'm curious as to how to wear it. [1 replies]

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Neha Singh

Can we have an autosave option while writing articles? [2 replies]

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Chandra shekar

Question on Sri Suktam videos [1 replies]

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Harikasri Mandava

I have a small doubt can anyone please clarify it?? [2 replies]

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Abhijit Sonwane

Is Vikas Divyakirti statement is found in Valmiki Ramayana? [0 replies]

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Vishal Kukreti

What is wrong with drinking moderate alcohol in social gatherings? [4 replies]

In Truth  | 

Naman Sharma

Is any legal permission provided to upload the audiobook of "The big questions of life"?

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Sakshi Varma

Can you guys suggest me good books on poetry or any favourite poet of yours? [10 replies]

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Nadu Gopal

Regarding Ashram Booking [3 replies]

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I prefer sitting in the sukhasana position even when sitting on a chair. Is something [1 replies]

In Personal Crisis  | 

Aparna Seshadri

Why do people get married, when for most, it brings more pain than joy? [11 replies]

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Can i observe silence for 3-4 hours once or twice a week for self transformation. [3 replies]

In Spiritual Journey  | 

Deepanshu Singh

What should we do when we are observing silence? [3 replies]

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Medha Shri

What is the Zoom Link for Write to Mindfulness workshop? [32 replies]

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