Do you enjoy social interactions?


This one is for fun!

I personally don't like physical social interactions much, although I did enjoy them a few years ago. Quiet time seems more appealing now:D What about you?

Do you enjoy social interactions?

If no, did you use to enjoy social interactions before? Do you feel that your preferences are changing as you progress spiritually?

Looking forward to reading your answers:)

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Very occasionally. Tbh, I’m more of the person that goes around wearing a shirt that says, “Ew, people.” No offence to anyone.

But if it’s with the right kinda people- like the Swamily or my family or very close friends, I don’t mind it- I enjoy it. Anyone else? No thanks. Sorry!


Jai Sri Hari. You always ask such interesting questions. I don't care either way. I love the company of interesting and unique people. I also love my own company so I don't compulsively socialize but don't run away from it either.


Only on Black lotus and 


Definitely my preferences have changed.  I used to b vry social..even today m bit active among my circle of ppl but u talk about meeting someone physically,  it bothers me. I hv somehow stopped meeting ppl and dnt like at all gng to gatherings.  


I used to be open to them, but these days they don’t have any charm whatsoever.


If there is good food....then....ummmm...😂😂

(But I refrain from socializing everyday. Don't have that much energy.)


I would better enjoy myself in a prison than going for social interactions😂🤣🤣


I am a born extrovert but I am myself surprised that how I have started enjoying the solitude and quiet time more than any interactions. Having said that, I would not say I dislike them. I do enjoy one-on-one interactions with people when it happens. I was never a fan of social gatherings, so I try to stay away from that as much as I can reasonably in a household environment.

P.S: My Favourite interactions: One with our beloved Swamiji that I hold almost every day.😍


My socializing is with my two puppies these days. Or a book. Or both. That's about it. I think all those years as a flight attendant when I had to deal with people for hours and hours on the plane kinda burnt me out. Less people, more inner peace. I loved your question, by the way. 🤗


To be Honest, for most of my life till now I remained silent not intentionally but naturally but I love those conversations/interactions now where I can show some kindness not something big but just by adding some kind words or by changing the topic if I think someone is not liking it or the topic of conversation can hurt someone. After reading swamiji's book on kindness, I strive daily to do kind acts as much as I can and always look if something around me need a bit of kindness.


I do like social interaction but usually of different type, No public places, like very much of a personal setting where only the people I want to be there, should be there. 

I have always stayed away from any kind of social interactions, even if my close friends would call I won’t go! 

so to conclude, I have just been like that even while growing up, I’m a very warm person when I meet someone but I really don’t enjoy meeting and I said I have preferences to extreme levels! 


I enjoy ,not often but some time's. When I get bored of my routine and same pattern of life style.


Well it depends on the kind of interaction it is , for example I hate parties , (I.e. excluding the dessert section ) and I like to be quite reserved most of the times and my friend circle is also quite small but when it comes to taking part in conversations regarding my areas of interest or discussions in class or debating on a certain topic ( yes I find arguments very refreshing!Kidding) I take part most keenly.So yes I am most definitely an ambivert.

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