Do you enjoy social interactions?


This one is for fun!

I personally don't like physical social interactions much, although I did enjoy them a few years ago. Quiet time seems more appealing now:D What about you?

Do you enjoy social interactions?

If no, did you use to enjoy social interactions before? Do you feel that your preferences are changing as you progress spiritually?

Looking forward to reading your answers:)

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I don't like social interactions at all. The only thing I like about social gatherings is that I get to dress up for the occasion and that's about it. Social interactions are very superficial and it doesn't interest me. I'm the kind of person who goes out with friends twice a year to hangout somewhere and that's about it. The rest of the time I like to be by myself or with my dog! 😂


It completely depends on the surroundings and the way you do your work. for ex. When I was studying for hours I used to enjoy solitude a lot now I work for 10 -12 hours so I have to talk with others to get solve our issues. I have to connect with the team and I can't be professional always. Nobody. To Keep the Environment light.

I still stay away from social media and other stuff. I go to hotels and parties. I things it's all about how mindful we are doing those things. equanimous.

my 2% to myself - Enjoy hard but don't be Hard on ourselves. No guilt

rest is Maa taking care off.


wow! I've hadn't reflected upon it, that way before. But now that you point it out, I'm awed.

I used to be quite an extrovert formerly. Now it's the opposite. Aloneness is intoxicating 🙂

Since I've started becoming more and more aware and mindful of what IS. 

I find that time way more precious, whether listening to K's talks, or reflecting on the nature of reality, or simply being here and now - doing nothing - and letting the grass grow by itself(easier said than done though;p) -- than gossiping about virtually anything........ I mean who cares which teacher is trying to flirt with the principal these days(....gosh! I know! creepy xD - but that's the true scene of things! - trust me🤣 )-- or how hot and intolerable the weather is --  or which moviestar is stealing the show these days -- and that too with how many packs over his belly,, et cetra -- et cetra.

I'm not against anybody, I used to be one of them, and I love them anyway , and love unconditionally(atleast try to, to the best of my ability - that's my sadhana)..

But it's startling to observe the change I've gone through - swamiji's first noble truth 🙂

thanks again for pointing it out,,



I am introvert from the childhood. Now also apart from interaction with patients.... I never go in crowd or groups. I have a small circle of friends. I prefer to be alone most of the time..... With my pets.... It's blissful.... 


I don't like them if there are people I don't know. I only like limited social interactions with my closest people


Growing up, I didn't like social interactions. When I was in University, I started to socialize. Nowadays, most interactions are interesting at first but eventually turn out to be boring. So I prefer moderate interactions. 


Jai Sri Hari, Komal! Yes, social interactions made just for fun is something I feel like avoiding. Butnot always possible  as it may seem rude not to meet the people I know. But work place or any other class which I might attend I don't mind talking and interacting. I can use that Time to be kind and gentle towards others.( atleast I try my best to be ). 

So yes if social Interaction was fun earlier I feel and do avoid when it's possible.


Initially I used to avoid social gatherings by giving lame excuses. But Reason was my own negativities. Spiritual progress reduced those negativities but still I'm not a party person. As it dilutes focus and requires a big bite of your quality time. But yes, in the long run, these gatherings are part and parcel of our lives. A balance between ME TIME and PARTY TIME is required. 


Arm chair socialiser. Call, message, email. 🙂


Nope but somehow I end up interacting and making so many friends 😂😂😂😂


Yes, but more of science background 


Hi. I love meeting people from all age groups and walks of life. I am always amazed at how people respond to situations and how the mind works. It is fascinating. I also love meeting animals and am amazed at their thoughts or instincts.😍

Overall, I am now trying to restrict my interactions. 🤷‍♂️

Good wishes to All.

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