Is there any cold war within members of who write posts?



'Therefore, to the tremendous displeasure of anyone who wished for me to disappear 🙃'.  Sri Devi Om. 

 I read the above lines in the recent post by Sri Devi Om.  I couldn't make anything out of it. Maybe something more subtle is happening within the different what's app group of members of which I am not a part  of and have no clue of what's happening? 

I don't mind being the Narada in this issue 😊.


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Do u have siblings Pariselva? Aswell I know u have 2 kids ,do they always agree to each other and are always in lovey dovey mood? Or do they tease each other,at times get angry or physically hit each other too? Do they scream on each other or call each other names? Answer this? We all r Swamiji s kids this self explanatory?


I'm pretty sure Sri Devi ji had written those above lines to add some light humour to the post and those words were not directed at anybody! Although I have noticed some cold wars in the Q/A section lately 😂. But it's all in good fun! I hope my answer did not offend anybody.

Edit: On second thoughts, this topic is completely a gossip topic. I hope this thread will be closed soon. Swami does not endorse gossiping. 


'कोल्ड' और कूल तो जरूर हैं सब। हाँ,  'वॉर' तो मुश्किल है  होना, मत में असहमति हो सकती है। जैसे मीरा दीदी ने कहा कि घर मे बच्चे उछल-कूद तो करते है पर फिर पिता जी के आते ही सब शांत हो जातें हैं।🌺🌺🌺😊😊

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