What is your own quote of the year?


Like I have discovered this wisdom in relationships.

Give what they want.

Take what you want.

21 Answers

Whatever you do, give your 100% unless you are donating blood!!


swasth raho,

vyasth raho ,

mast raho

be healthy,

be busy ,

be joyful ...


'Things are not what they seem, O Goddess this life is like a dream.' 

A Million Thoughts by Om SwamiJi🏵


Nothing matters eventually! ~ SwamiJi...

This quote for me is the essence of all quotes. 


Love is my ishta, love is my ishq! 

-Anew quote🙃


God, please do what is right for me... and not necessary what I think is right for me. 


"The universe or creation is a question; one who becomes its answer is liberated."

- Baba Hari Dass


From Black Lotus FB group, attrubuted to Swamiji:

Each one of us have to extract the full potential nature has bestowed on us. Till then we remain sad from within.


So many wonderful quotes here. 

Moment by moment. 

Living life moment by moment.


Grace is everywhere at all times. Be vigilant.


Pranam Surekha Ji. 

I can mention a few of my lines. If anybody gleans any insight from them, that'll be my gain. Here are they. 

1. Whether liberation or bondage, desires decide our destiny.

2. Say only when you have something to say, not because you have to say something

3. जीने की एही परिभाषा हैं: अगर मौत का डर चला जाए, और जीने में आनंद आए, तो तुम अच्छे से जी रहे हो।

4. Build a discipline. It'll build you!

5. Everyone must pass through their inner darkness to come to their inner shine. 


1) Don’t believe second-hand information.

2) You are free to dismiss any advice which doesn’t sit well with you.

3) When you walk your own path, you are your own best friend

4) Don’t believe what your mind tells ya. It isn’t true!

5) Truth gets lost in transmission. If a piece of information goes through a lot of  people, chances are that some of the truth in that statement was lost in translation.😃

You asked for one. It looks like I am listing lessons instead of quotes 😂 I could continue but I will stop here;)


Listen to your heart. 😁♥️


Keep answering the whys, and the rest of the things will fall into place! 



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