Any tips to avoid using your phone as soon as you wake up?


As expected, after watching Swami's YouTube video from this morning, I'm looking for some genius ideas about how to avoid checking anything on my phone when I wake up.

Did you build the discipline and managed to grow out of this habit?

I use my phone to set an alarm, so it's a dilemma. 

Any tips or advice?:)

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1. Turn off the phone before sleeping, and start using a different alarm

 -> Gift yourself a nice digital alarm clock, with custom music, and see if you can put Swami ji's voice to wake yourself up 😀 

2. Don't turn on the mobile phone some x hours after waking up.

Not that I do the above, but this is the plan I made for myself (sans the alarm, I can get up without one).


The same as Ahana ji. I put my phone on do not disturb the night before so all notifications are off. When I wake up I use Black Lotus straight away I don't have to see email notifications etc until I'm ready to sit down and focus on only that later in the day. 

Also, I loved the prayer that Swami ji mentioned in the same video, so I wrote it down (the English translation) in a note book and I keep it by my bed now. Here it is in case anyone else would like to use it: 

Oh, Lord.
Today is a new day and we are breathing again.
It is Your Grace.
I want to spend this life and this day in good deeds, in good faith, and in good thoughts.
You have given me such a great boon that I am able to breathe again today.
I don't know about tomorrow, I don't know the next moment.
I should not waste the moment I have.
Thank You, Swami ji (I added this line). 

So now when I wake up in the mornings I look at that first and then carry on with everything else.

All the best, Komal ji! Jai Sri Hari! 🙏🏼


I think, the question that you should be asking yourself is "What attracts me to my phone?" That is, "What is the first thing I do on my cell phone when I check it in the morning?"

In my case, I checked tennis scores early in the morning. That made me check my phone first thing in the morning after turning off the alarm. 

If you are on, say, Twitter first thing in the morning, try setting up your phone in such a way that you can't open the Twitter app earlier than an hour after your wake-up time. Most smartphones have ways to set up time limits for Apps. You can search on google to find out how to do that. 

Hope this helps! Good luck.


Phone is like tooth brushing as we wake up these days, but it's actually a choice 🙂 If we brush at night, doctors say, then we can brush in the morning post breakfast. Now that brings me to my point 🙂 wake up, punch the alarm off and do your chores and then come back to the machines or gadgets. Now, the trick is to keep it on airplane mode till that time. The world still functioned when we did not have phones on the bed side and it still shall. 


tell your phone loudly - i am the BOSS here, not you😐



Your question made my mind suggest 2 paths which you can take as an antitode to your " Problem " Ig, 

Replace : You could use an alternative thing to do while you wake up say " From now on for 40 days, I will light an incense & meditate, we (me & logic ) both have a view this will help you to break your habit. 

Sankalpa: This ones a bit tricky, you can take a wow near a dia or gita Or anything you feel sacred that for 40 days I won't touch my phone while I woke up & tie a small red thread with or without a small bell. It had worked for me but personally & ngl it was initially torturous. 

I wish you luck in your pursuit anyway. 

Ps : All the advise mentioned above are from the authors personal experience as well as inspiration from a one very credible Om Swami. 

Sri Matreh Namah. 



i) getting an Alarm Clock; and

ii) Sankalpa will do the job.


I never had this habit so not sure whether my advice will be of any help.

Personally, sometimes in mid July 2017, after having read The Ancient Science Of Mantras, I started following the daily routine (nitya karma) of a mantrin, which requires that you start off the day with the following: 

1. Waking up
An adept should ideally wake up just before sunrise, after getting about six hours of sleep. In the olden days, most people slept in two parts: about six hours at night and two hours in the afternoon. Their lifestyles allowed that luxury. In most professions, it is not possible to have a siesta, but if yours allows you to, then you must avail it. It’s extremely healthy. Even if you napped for more than 15 minutes in the afternoon, you will feel rejuvenated.
If you can’t wake up before sunrise because you go to bed late, that’s alright too. Just sincerely do the best you can.
Sitting up in your bed, meditate on the form of your guru at the crown of your head. Imagine the smiling face and graceful form of your guru emitting light and filling you with light and bliss. You don’t need to devote more than 3-5 minutes on this meditation. Mentally offer your respects to your guru.
Once done, pray to the Lord. You can use your own words or you can use a beautiful prayer from Lakshmi Tantra I share below. It is full of devotion. Whether you use your own words or the prayer below, the most important thing is to do it with feeling. The more feeling you have in your prayer the more connected you’ll feel and the greater impact your prayer will yield.

Even my eyes are full of sleep, or I'm tired or whatever, I don't remember not following the above first step ever since 2017 (maybe during days when I was down with fever/corona, I might have missed it, but I can't confirm that).

No doubt the quality in performing above meditation has suffered especially when I haven't had enough sleep (which I do frequently). But, the routine is quite sacred for me.

So have something sacred to do as the first thing as you wake-up, and don't compromise on that. After you've followed it for a few weeks, it'll become your habit and you wouldn't need to fight with mind. However, later if you break it for few days even consciously, the mind can go back to the same old habit, and you need to re-enforce your will again to regain the sacred habit.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Buy an alarm.

Personally set the alarm clock on a Samsung Guru Music - it's an ABC button phone, where anyways I can't do anything other than setting an alarm. I don't even have a sim card or memory card on it.



You may keep the phone on silent/airplane mode and keep it out of your room. For clock, our body has a natural clock. If you sleep on the right time and tell your mind to wake up at a particular time, you will be natural wake up at that particular time.After waking up, thanks Swami ji for the new day and opportunities. Do your daily routine to start the day. Once you are settled and ready to deal the external world, switch on your phone. 

This will also give some time to spend with yourself.


I'm sharing what has helped me in this regard. Start following a morning rituals like:

1.First of all look at your hands with smile. You can also chant karagre vaste Laxmi mantra while watching your hands. 

2.Say Good morning and give gratitude to the universe and to the Divine. 

3. Before touching your feet to the ground, touch the ground with your hand and pay gratitude to mother earth. 

4.While opening the locks of your house door, speak affirmation "I'm opening the door to my success and happiness. 

5.Go outside and look at the sky, the trees around with a smile at your face. 

When we follow these small steps, we see the magic happening within us.... We start enjoying this ritual and then our hands will touch the phone to put off the alarm only and our mind and soul will urge us to follow that ritual which instills us with the real gratitude for this amazing life😊❤


Please keep it in a different room, not in the bedroom! For alarm, practice ‘pillow alarm’. One day you will make it! 


Keep the phone at a distance far enough that it will wake you up but won't let you grab it without getting out of bed.


Take the most loving pic of Swami and make it your wallpaper. Wake up and grab the phone and be greeted by beloved Swami. Get up and sit down on your pillow and meditate on how your heart is so full of love! 
After your meditation, get to your admin duties...on WhatsApp groups! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

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