Do you know how to be happy ?


Today, I asked a group of people about their goals in life. One of them was 'to be happy.' I let it sink in and now wonder how many of us know how to be happy. 

If you do, what tips would you have for those who seek to be happy (esp. for late teens)?

Update: Wow thank you for all your incredible answers. I deeply appreciate your input and shall share them at any given opportunity:)

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yes, by  cultivating an attitude of " Whatever comes of its own, let it come" 😊 


My answer to "how to be happy?" would be by being mindful. But, that is not easy as the prerequisite to mindfulness is having some wisdom or knowledge. Before one tries to be mindful, one should know what to be mindful about:)

So what can be practiced, is seeking knowledge. Hence, one can try to read more, interact with variety of peoples, listen to discourses, lectures. Try to get as much point of views as possible. Most importantly keep contemplating on all the received information. Eventually some things would start making sense. Such that one would be able to identify things worth holding onto and things that don't matter. Now if one is able to hold on to things that matter and let go of things that don't matter, one would be happy. (In my humble opinion).

So for late teenagers, explore more and don't get constrained by what your peers think is cool or not cool. Don't be afraid to become an outcast :p


In my opinion a life of purpose gives you happiness. If one is capable of finding a purpose or goal bigger than themselves and keep working at it, one step at a time. Then the journey will mostly be happy. Of course there will be sad days and happy days but a general sense of excitement and contentment, on the inside will prevail.


Happiness is the inner state of our being ... therefore, we have to uproot all thought, feelings and emotions which make us unhappy.

It's essentially our likes and dislikes (reactions), judgements and 'inability to accept' whathever life serves us as fruits of our actions or inactions.

If we can accept everything as blessing or prasadam and be grateful for all that happens to us as human experience being grateful for the same whether pleasant or unpleasant and rise above the duality, we can touch that inner space where happiness reside in the inner sanctum sanctorum of our being which is ever happy, blissful, joyful. 

It's like dark clouds of clouded thinking over the happiness sunny field which needs to be rmoved or removed. I am also working and practising on the same lines ...


Anup (Vishnu)


What I would say is to remove any if's and but's from your reason of happiness. Many people say, I'm happy today because-; I'm happy today if-, but-. only if- etc. It can be any reason. Real happiness in my opinion is when you drop the words. Just say I'm happy today. For no reason whatsoever. In the race to claim happiness, I feel humans forget that we are happy as it is and there need not be any reason for happiness. So my advice is to not seek happiness. Just be happy. For no reason. Be happy you got to open your eyes today. That's it. Thank you.



I would advice to my younger late teen self…

to stop seeking for happiness, to give up this pursuit of happiness. 
And practice Gratitude as an everyday routine.


Don’t chase the concept of happiness as it being a never ending stream of pleasures. Make the most of the moment you’re in, whatever “making the most” means to you.

watch this video, I have watched and read hundreds of books, articles and videos on the topic, this one was one of the life changing ones. The title is a little misleading but the video is worth it.  


Learn to just 'be'. Happiness, etc. are consequences.


Million dollar question. 


Be yourself. 


Honestly, I do not know...


 I am happiest enjoying little things in life...a walk in the nature , a cup of tea , watching rain from a window , a random act of kindness , a chocolate piece sweetened with stevia , listening and singing devotional songs, reading a book and so on...Little things matter more than bigger achievements ..I feel that makes the difference.


Practicing 'Let Go' regularly, Habit of forgiveness, establishing a connection with our heart center and with mother nature are some practices in my view which can really make us happy😊


A productive day is a happy day. Yes, the mind will try to procrastinate, it'll try to push you to get some entertainment, browsing social media, news, important events. Or, call this or that person. But, if you listen to it, and end up wasting whole of your day on those unproductive stuff, you'll be agitated at the end.

This is also mentioned in Bhagavat Gita:

That happiness which is derived from contact of the senses with their objects and which appears like nectar at first but poison at the end is said to be of the nature of passion. action done in the mode of passion results in misery. (chapters 18 and 14)

What's a productive day? Performing your prescribed duty as per your current situation with your full attention leads to a productive day. So, if you're a student, for you productive means attending your classes and doing the studies required. After that, you can do anything to entertain yourself but first complete those prescribed things.

So, to be happy, you don't need a grand purpose or big goals in life. Just do what you aught to be doing as a first thing and experience happiness and peace. Experience also the bliss beyond happiness, if you could do prescribed things without complaints and with mindfulness.

Obviously, your prescribed things can and do change as you evolve. You have the right to change your goals and purpose in life. If you've done something for  a sufficient amount of time, have given your best to it. and you know longer feel connected, you can move on.

Btw, for the seekers out there, this video would also of interest to watch re seeking happiness.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏

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