Do You Plan/ Schedule Your Day/ Month/ Week? How? Pls Give Examples.



Do You Plan/ Schedule Your Day/ Month/ Week? How? Give Examples. 

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Yes i do. 

Few things about day.

I do exactly same stuff at same time in morning before turning on my laptop. be it like making my bed,  brush, Bath, visiting temple and all or even having glass of milk i do in same sequence and exact time. for 5 days  . except cheat day.

Same for lunch and gym and reading book , enhancing my skill has time, meditation.

Make it ritual.

Make it small.

Break it too much.

Make it in sequence do this after this.

I do have small journal i tick before date at end of day ex. leaning somthing new.

 In morning i just quickly review my task  to be finish , priorities it and finish it.


Do u schedule a healthy meal once a day too Vidit?


Yes, most of the days in the morning make a list of things to complete.


I use Todoist app on laptop (also available for phones) to make the list of the things to do. I also try to add due date, priority and project name to the lists.

(Free version of the app has certain limitations like maximum number of projects)


Lights Spreadsheet — Ultraworking

Lights Spreadsheet — Ultraworking

Please check the above link. It is a simple habit template , but can be used as  an shortcut app on your mobile as well as a spreadsheet on your laptop. 


I don’t. But I thought I’d share that I don’t, you never know it might make someone feel better😃


Do You Plan/Schedule Your Day/Month/Week? How? ...

Good Practical Q, Vidit. It's a very good habit to make and as mentioned by others; there are many habit trackers and templates available online ...

I always wanted/want to do it, In fact, made a din-charya sort of timetable; however, unable to practice it much, only partly due to low willpower but trying as much as possible.



Anup (Vishnu)


Hey! I plan my day ! Here is what I do !

At night I make my to do list ranking form urgent , important, to fun stuff!

when I am finish listing I devote time to each thing but I do make sure l have the urgent and important tasks complete even if I am not able to finish the fun stuff. The important thing is that I don’t stress my self so much when I am not able to complete it I forgive myself and move on!

here’s my morning routine 

5:00 am get up 

5:00 - 5:30 get ready 

500 cycling and surya namaskar 

6:00 - 7:30reading time!!

7:30- 8:00 breakfast 

then at 8 I start my work 

I first do the most urgent work and always after an hour give my self a 15 min well deserve break with a treat like chocolate or a quick read or something 

then like this I continue till 12:00 pm I have lunch and then at 1:00 I have my free time in which I do everything I want till 2:00 

the fun part begins after the boring bust day in the evening where I do all my fun stufff like reading , painting, playing, decorating etc. 

I hope you found it useful thanks 

have a blissful day!

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