How do you know that you are genuinely kind?



How do you know that you are genuinely kind?

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Om Sri Hari Aditi. Here are a few indicators:

  1. You act compassionately to people who can give you nothing. This includes a beggar on the road, the guy cutting you off in traffic, the guard in your society, and the waiter in the hotel. 
  2. You are compassionate to your immediate family. It's hard to be compassionate towards your immediate family. We often take them for granted. 
  3. People around you start noticing the difference and start behaving slightly differently towards you. That does not impact you because you are doing it because it's your nature. 
  4. You sense the pain of the animals and trees around you. 
  5. You can smile and take unfair criticism because you know the person giving it is suffering more than you at the moment. 

Om Sri Hari Aditi Ji,

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Knowing you are kind won't do anything until you walk the path. Akshay B has answered you very sweetly about walking the path. Once you start walking the path, you already know the path. Then actions become you (kindness), and through you, it makes everyone around you kind too.

Love, peace, and respect.


When you are able to see your mother in your mother-in-law, you know you have become genuinely kind 😇 


Akshay ji's answer is perfect. If I must add something to the list, it would be : 1) Not being quick to anger if something is not being done the way we think it should happen 2) You let go of small things and don't try to get back at people if they have done something unfair to you


When the act of kindness is performed selflessly, only then it is genuine . If behind doing the act of kindness, there is a motive like if I do this kind act, then I  will generate good karma or something good will happen to me in future , then it is selfish act and not counted by God as an act of kindness . We do not generate good karma by an act of kindness if it is done to get some fruit in future or get a good position in heavan after dying. I am telling you this after read book " Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagari" .You should read this book to know what actually counts after dying when we go back to the spiritual realms which is our true home.


Aditi, just be kind bubba! Don’t dissect your intention and actions, it is a nice trap of the mind! Just be kind as much as you can and let kindness transform you and make you a big ol’ marshmallow! 


Hi Aditi 🙏

When you are acting without any compulsion from others, you will understand you are genuinely kind😊🌹

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