How to make those decisions which will decide your future?


As they say

“Life is a series of natural & spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them”

“Just go with the flow”  

but sometime in our life a situation comes when you have to take a decision which will decide your future …at those times…

what should one do in those situation so he/she can flow with the life’s natural way and also take decisions? 

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Hi Aashutosh - Very relevant question. Life's natural way involves actually "making a decision". The trick is to make a decision that aligns with your natural self (prakriti). We make our own life complex, when we make decisions based on a number of other factors such as:

  • Peer Impression / Social Feedback
  • Financial Future
  • And lastly family members

So while you got to go with the flow, just recognize that the flow is coming from within you & not outside of you. As long  as you go with your "internal flow", you would be fine and your decisions would lead to a happier being who is also growing spiritually apart from other forms of growth.

So the key question is if you know what is your natural self (prakriti). Think about these and it could help you move towards your decisions. 

  • What activity makes you lose the sense of time?
  • What activity you do even if many hurdles are there (lack of time, budget, support)?
  • What really matters to you? This is a bit harder but think through it - what would you want to dedicate a big chunk of your time to. There may be multiple ideas here.

And while you should make decisions and act upon them with discipline and conviction, do not worry about the results. Give it your best shot and let the universe do the rest.


I wish there were a clear manual, but there isn't! Try to be at ease knowing that all decisions we make either in the flow or not, teach us two things: 

1. Now I know what to do

2. Now I know what not to do

Keep moving ahead with practicality and faith in the wisdom of life. You will be alright! 

In thinking about how to live, we sometimes forget to live. Just play! 


u dont make decisions with the intent for them to be life changing.

you take incremental steps which lead delta changes, which all add on to a monumental shift in life. 

Life is not about one big thing, but many small things done right, time after time, every time.


Hi Aashutosh,

I have had to make some tough decisions in the past, although not life changing, and I have shared it also. But here's my advice:

1. Choose the option which gives you peace, either now or in the future.

Weigh the two possible options when it comes to that specific decision and see which one gives you most peace. If taking a decision will make you restless and you are only doing it for others, it will be tough and you will always blame others for your decision.

2. Life is too short to be miserable. 

3. If you have ambitions and dreams, then don't go eith the flow! Go chase your dreams and take actions which will bring you closer to achieving them. 

Going with the flow only applies once you have kick started the process.

Hope this helps.


I love your question! In such situations the approach I have implemented in my life is to ask the Divine for answer and guidance. During meditation or in the moments of silence ask for help. Also notice how your body feels when you are about to make that decision. Does it feel like it's contracting or expanding? I noticed that if you feel like an expansion in your heart for instance your choice is more aligned with the "flow" or the greater good. Whereas if you feel a contraction (a brick pressing on your chest type of sensation) then you may want to revisit your decision. I hope this helps you. 🙏🏽 


Hi, Two cents from my side from my experience.

First We must make the decision. And second, we must make it in full awareness and knowledge without any attachments to end results.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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